Pimp Out Team Fortress 2 With Some Saints Row Preorder Bling

If you'd like a free insane costume for the Heavy in Team Fortress 2, you have about two days to pick it up. It also helps if you want Saints Row :The Third on PC, as that's what you have to preorder to grab it.

The game, which is $US49.99 comes with three pieces of flair: "The Mark of the Saint", or a shiny badge that any class may wear; then the "Apoco-Fists" and "The Cold War Luchador", which are Heavy-only. (Seen above). All this stuff is based on the Luchadores gang from Saints Row: The Third who are themselves rather robust individuals.

History Comes Alive! [Team Fortess Blog]


    If Gotham City Imposters didn't exist, this makes me think an Arkham City "Heavy-as-Bane" DLC would be possible.

    Um could the "The game, which is $US49.99" line be fixed please. Since it is 89.99 here on Steam for us, not 49.99 like we wish it was.

      actually a while back there was sale on GreenManGaming and you could pick it up for $33 and still you can get it for $41.37 which is still a good deal and you can still register it with steam, though i should point out they haven't given me my key yet so i'm not sure if i will be able to get the tf2 bonus but i'm not to worried about that.

        I bought it when it was $33.

        Based on my experience with buying Deus Ex from GreenManGaming, you only get the TF2 items if you buy directly from steam (which makes sense). But for half the price, i can live without the them.

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