Pimps, Gimps, Outer Space Combat And… Burt Reynolds? Must Be A Saints Row The Third Trailer

At some point, describing a new trailer for Saints Row the Third is just going to devolve into a list of the various ridiculous things that it shows. Hmm, actually, I actually believe that point in time is upon us. In this trailer we have:

A blow-Up doll, a guy in a cape with a samurai sword, a squadron of space-marines standing on what looks like Mars (with a glimpse of a dimensional (or maybe stage) door in the background), a guy in a gimp suit doing a flying takedown, a pimp on a large pile of (hopefully) sleeping prostitutes, an exploding radioactive ATV, a guy throwing an explosive fart-in-a-jar, a woman killing people with a giant purple dildo, an A-10 Tank Killer, a zombie attack, and… Burt Reynolds.

Yes, apparently Bandit himself is going to make an appearance in the game, and he's even wearing his trademark cowboy hat. I guess it'd be too much to hope for Sally Field to do a bit-part as his wife…


    .....SO MUCH WANT.

    Dammit, time, go quicker on my command.

      Slightly more interesting reply:

      Violition has confirmed that there is a time line running through SR that leads to the Red Faction games, including Ultor being part of the major corp in those games.

      In SR2 (I think in one of the expansions with the porn star/microbiologist VA) when you go into the Ultor-owned mine tunnels on a mission, you see space-like massive drill vehicles that come with the commentary:

      "Where the hell are they using those?"
      "You'd wouldn't believe me if I told you"

      So, maybe you actually ARE on Mars during the storyline for a brief moment, as part of the initial (on one of the initial) moves by Ultor to get to mining on Mars.

      Man, anyone else love it when developers link games and their general timelines?

      It's kind of like Kill Bill, Res Dogs, Inglorious, and Pulp Fiction all occupy the same alt universe and time line, to the point of family members of main characters in one film showing up in others.

        Also, while we're (I'm) on the subject of well-written plot lines...

        In SR1 you play a guy.

        In SR2 you're the same character, but can play as a guy or a girl, of varying races.

        So, how did the developers keep continuity?

        At the end of SR1, you get blown up. Their official explanation is that during this explosion, your genitals got destroyed and you needed to undergo significant plastic surgery, everywhere.

        So, genitals needed rebuilding, which allows for you to be a man/woman of your own choosing.

        You've got to love a game, story, and developers that will work a customisation feature into the cannon in that way to make sure the story integrity isn't damaged.

        Heh. I loved that moment of realisation I had when I went "Ultor? Round-sun-logo-thing? Where do I know that... HOLY CRAP!'.

        Yeah, I started figuring it out while playing Saint's Row 2 as well. I gotta say, it's totally kickass that one series of games acts as a sort of 'prequel' or 'sequel' to an entirely different series of games. Somehow that is the pinnacle of awesome.

        Maybe Doom 4 will involve portals from Hell opening up and suddenly you're fighting Mehrunes Dagon as a Boss in the midst of Daedric Ruins or something ;-P

    That's it.

    I just cancelled my order with OzGameShop.

    There's no way I'm waiting an additional month for this.

      Dammit... I might have to do that now you've mentioned it... how can I wait 2 weeks+ for this >_<

    I read somewhere they took fart-in-a-jar out, glad to see it's back in.

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