PSN Soon To Crack Down On Game Sharing

Later this month Sony will begin limiting the number of PS3s and PSPs that can share a game purchased through the Playstation Network, the UK Playstation blog said this morning.

It's unclear if the same restrictions will apply to Australian content and Playstation Network users as well.

Starting with game content purchased after November 18, a new policy will apply that limits the number of devices that the content can be "activated" on. Users will be able to play the game on no more than two activated PS3 systems. PSP owners will be able to play the game on no more than two activated portables.

This update will not affect game content purchased before November 18, but it will impact everything purchased after even for old PSPs and the PSPgo, they said.


    didnt know you could share games oh well there you go a .

      used to be able to on 5 systems; though now it's only two

    PS3 - With every update we remove a feature.

    Really starting to dislike sony, as i use the share games across my PS3's and my familys (downloaded content for rock band)

      LOL "remove a feature" what are you, 5? Do you think you're being funny, quirky? Face it cheap skate, your days of getting a free ride are coming to an end.

    Everyone complaining about this probably should realise that Sony is basing this on the most people have 1 or 2 systems yet there are alot more downloads being used on 3 to 5 systems. That to me would mean that friends are getting dlc for their friends for free. I know friends that do that too.....

      This is very true. Sony clearly didn't think through the sharing system that well - it's obviously open to rampant abuse. The first thing I thought when I heard about it was "excellent - I can share this game with friends and split the cost". Seemingly Sony didn't and are now trying to backpedal.

    Exactly ponton, my ps3 now is half the product i originally bought. what's next, remove bluray playback? wouldn't be suprised.

      You can not be more right.I have 2 fat PS3 died on me.So how will that work?
      Simple hack your PS3 like most I know now,and show them that they can make things as strict as they want to,but the will only make thing worst for themselves in the long run.

    I thought the gol of this was to allow you to download content chould your PS3 die? What happens if you have 2 PS3 failures? Do you need to buy the content again, if so beyond Nov 18, I'll be unlikely to purchase any content, games or DLC over PSN.

      You can de-authorize PS3's. You can also call sony and they can de-auth all PS3's that are currently authorized so if you were to come across this situation it wouldn't be a problem.

    I and I am sure thousands out there will now simply hack their PS3's and start file sharing.Sony can stick their PSN content where the sun don't shine.
    I will NEVER buy another original game again.Sony will only make thing worst for themselves. God I can't believe I did not swear right now???

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