Put A Life-Sized Batman Head On Your Shelf

Next year, Sideshow will be releasing a bust of Batman. This won't just be any old slab of Dark Knight face-and-shoulders, though. It'll be a 1:1 scale replica of Batman's head. With a level of detail, and price, to match.

The piece is 29 inches tall and 22 inches wide, and has been handcrafted. All that Batman doesn't come cheap, however: it's selling for USD$680.

The 1:1 bust goes on sale in Q2 2012.


    I hate how they never reveal how many there will be. I know for some that means "shit better buy it now just in case" but regular folk like myself can't just drop $680 on a preorder for something that might end up with 1000+ units on release with plenty of time to spare to snag one. If I know that it's going to be extremely limited (350 or less) then yeah I'd act fast but dammit Jim, I'm just a regular guy on an average wage not a rich kid.

    Damn..who knew Clint Eastwood was Batman?

    The only problem I have with it, is the eyes are far too apart.

    Leave it in your window, might scare off burglars.

    Something about it looks a little off...

    If you take off the mask it turns out he's Mordin underneath...

    Not a fan. Not a big bust fan to begin with (I do realise the potential sex joke there, yes), but the design of the mask, or the head, or both, is offputting. Looks... alien.

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