Quiver At The Sight Of Lord Of The Rings: War In The North’s Collector’s Edition

Quiver At The Sight Of Lord Of The Rings: War In The North’s Collector’s Edition
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I arrived home after a weekend away to find a long cardboard box waiting for me, and in it was the PS3 collector’s edition of Lord of the Rings: War in the North. It’s a long and skinny box, a different shape than the large, square statue-holders from other games.

I opened ‘er up and saw what there was to see, and I took some pictures to share. Onward! For Frodo!

The entirety of the collector’s edition fits into this leather (or imitation leather) quiver, which appears to hold two arrows and a side pouch.

The arrows are gold-tipped and appear to be attached to a cloth map. I really like cloth maps. Arrows are cool too. This should be good.

Upon pulling the arrows from the quiver I see that, yes, they are in fact the end-rods for a large cloth map.

Opening the map I see a layout of the northern region of middle earth. it’s a nice map, and comes with a string for hanging it on the wall. The arrows at either end of the map are a nice touch.

Within the pouch area is a copy of the game, and a small book full of concept art and character details. It’s nice, but fairly simple.

And really, that’s it! The art book is cool but feels inessential, the quiver is fun but not very practical. The map is the nicest part of the collection, but considering that you can order nicer, non-branded maps online for less money, I don’t think its inclusion justifies the extra cost.

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