Rage Demo Now On Xbox Live; Hits PS3 Dec. 6

Rage, id Software's beloved and detested blending of post-apocalyptic combat racing and first-person shooter, finally has a demo.

"The demo presents a slice of the early game, giving players a chance to explore the town of Wellspring and participate in races, games and other attractions. When you've had your fill there, you can head out to deal with some Ghost Clan raiders. Shooting might be involved."

For those of you who haven't picked up the game yet the demo is available now on Xbox Live and will hit the PS3 on Dec. 6. In the meantime check out my review if you want to read my take on the game. I fell into the first category.

RAGE demo up on Xbox Live; PS3 demo coming December 6 [Bethblog]


    Remember when demos used to come out before the game released and were actually useful?

      I get the feeling publishers avoid demos these days as they fear releasing them will harm sales.

        They avoid releasing demos of crap games. Except Bodycount - they couldn't wait to show the world what a steaming turd that was.

        I generally regard a demo coming out well after the game itself as a warning to steer clear. Kind of like games that make it to stores before the reviews come out.

        Reviews only harm sales if your product is crap. Though i'll conceded some demos are poor representations. Still, overwhelming, they don't want people to have an idea or to judge a product before they buy it.

    Very odd. Does this sort of thing happen often?

      The Call of Duty games seem to release a demo 6 months after release! Halo Reach did too from memory.

      I'm guessing with Rage they (id) didn't want to release a demo (most self-proclaimed AAA games don't you'll notice) sales didn't meet expectations in the first month so their studio told them to make up a demo to get more people to buy it.


    It's a steaming pile of shit. Don't buy it.

    God, people still detest RAGE? Get over it, it was far more enjoyable than the last bunch of half-assed COD games to be released.

      I don't think people detest RAGE. It's just thats it's a decidedly average game that did nothing others haven't done better, with a pretty skin. After ID was raving about it, people were just left underwhelmed.

        While story was almost non-existant the shooting was the best ive played in a long time

    Currently on the last mission about 12 hours with a couple of side missions done, and have loved every minute of it, one of the best FPS played this year, i should mention this is the 360 version, PC version is somewhat hit and miss.

    Only played like 4 hours, the game has great gun play, pretty good, but the story structure is bad, the missions are bad, and the game comes off boring. Go and fetch this, you are told as soon as waking up, here is a gun. That is the start of the epic adventure, No clue about the world, whats going on, one of the worst starts I had played all year for a AAA game. The game gets better but its just fetch quest after fetch quest, there is no interesting story behind the fetch quests compared to other games like Fallout, Elder Scrolls, GTA. Drive to here, shoot some cars on the way, go into this building, run down some linear corridors shooting all in your way and then looting there bodies until you kill every single enemy, find the x number of parts, pressed the switch or found the body. That is basically all I did for 4 hours, had no clue what was going on about the world and such.

    AI was amazing tho, but ID software should of dropped the open world, the car racing, and focused entirely on the gun play, upped the amount of enemies and had a linear esc bioshock set up. That would of done it, really.

    I recommend this for people who have never played an open world game, since this is great as you are pretty much lead from one point to the other, its not too big and it looks nice. But for fallout and elder scrolls fans, play Skyrim or Dark Souls instead.

    They got a demo to actually work? lol?

    still havent been able to get the game to launch without crashes and if it does the horrible graphic bugs make me tear my eyes out

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