Rainbow 6: Patriots' Tough Choices Brought To Life In This Proof-Of-Concept Video

We've been telling you about the hard choices being put on the players of Rainbow 6: Patriots since June, now see for yourself in Ubisoft's proof-of-concept video. Happy birthday to you.

While the footage differs slightly from what was leaked to Kotaku earlier this year, it certainly demonstrates the ideas we've been discussing since yesterday's official reveal.

What's more shocking for me isn't the idea of pushing the man with the bomb over the bridge, but the thought of someone bashing down my front door and harming my family. Perhaps that's a new thing, considering this whole family business only started officially five months ago. The more you experience the more you have to be afraid of, I suppose.

Rainbow 6: Patriots is scheduled for release in 2013.

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    Colour me interested. If they make sure to mention that the guy's family was killed as a result of pushing him off the bridge, I'll definitely consider buying the game.

      Nope! You can here the other officer say "your family is secure..."

    No, don't shoot the NYPD!

      I murdered probably the entire NYPD in GTAIV and ran over there entire families as well :D

      Did i say NYPD I mean LCPD

    It looks interesting, like 24 did in the early days. Lets hope they stick with it instead of bowing to the inevitable pressure from all those people/groups that will cry that this game is too over the top and it must be banned

    That was excellent. I only ever liked Splinter Cell tom clancy games, but this actually looks like some FPS innovation for once!

    Love the moral dilemmas. It really is one of the few things gaming is unique for.

    Also, I think they shot the NYPD in the leg, which is what I would have done in game.

    Very impressive.

    My god. Please don't let this be like Fable please don't let this be like Fable

    hey, 2:34-2:37 sounds like they have Adam Jensen in that van!

    Did I miss something? All this looks scripted. I don't see any "choice" or "moral dilemas".
    Dont get me wrong, I liked what I saw. I'm all for serious, gritty action that plays on your emotions. But in this case it just looks like any other shooter. I don't see any innovation here except the view point change from the hostage to the SWAT team.

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