Ray Liotta Was Not In The GTA V Trailer

After some nice detective work IGN has discovered that the voice over in Rockstar's teaser trailer for Grand Theft Auto V was not provided by Ray Liotta, casting some doubt on rumours that Tommy Vercetti is the lead protagonist.

IGN reached out Ray Liotta's representatives who confirmed that he didn't provide his voice for the trailer.

It doesn't entirely rule out Vercetti from the game -- it's possible that Rockstar hired someone else to provide Vercetti's voiceover, but I would argue that's unlikely.

GTA V: That's Not Ray Liotta in the Trailer [IGN]


    That wasn't obvious by the fact that, you know, it didn't sound at all like Ray Liotta?

    Thanks for the update, Mark. I'm more in favour of a brand new character, so this hits me as good news :)

    In IGN's Rewind feature, they mentioned that why would Vercetti make a point of talking about moving to Los Santos for the weather, wherein the weather in Vice City would pretty much be the same? I don't think it's Tommy.

      I have lost ALL respect for IGN since they decided to publish that article from an "ANALyst" predicting GTA V would be download only

        Derp, didn't Kotaku post the same thing?

          Burp, I was just pointing it out.

        You had respect for IGN, the place that acts like frat boys over games, the place that sells themselves to highest bidder and is one of the biggest reasons why the review scores given out today for games are so screwed up? Colour me shocked

    IF it was a return character I wouldve prefered C.J but still neew GTA woot :D

    I'd love to see Tommy Vercetti featured in the game as a key character, but they would have to get Ray Liotta for it to be worthwhile. As for the CJ rumours I find that a bit much, and I don't think it'd be wise to go for a co-op of previous characters, but up to four player co-op seems like a logical progression. Regardless, absolutely LOVE the setting, with the modern engine, this will be one hell of an experiance

    I'd just like to point out that Ray Liotta and Rockstar's relationship went sour so their may be hope of Tommy being in V

      I agree with the possibility of it being Tommy.
      If the game is indeed set in the modern time, Tommy would be like 30 years older.

      It'd still make sense to use a different voice actor if they went down that path.

      We'll just have to wait and see though.

    I think as general multiplayer. the old characters could return like RDR's multi. but this Is gonna be like GTAIV's universe. Itll either be a completely new one or will coincide with IV's. So we may only get cameos from that game. so maybe for example we might see Packie, NIko or Luis make an appearance.

    I like how everyone ignores what Rockstar said before the release of GTA 4 stating that every protagonist before Niko has been killed off.

    It's a brand new guy.

    A graffiti design throughout the city in GTA IV suggests that all the protagonists from the GTA III era are deceased, with the names "Claude ", "Tommy", "Carl", "Toni" and "Vic" alongside remembrance graffiti.

    ^ off the GTA wiki

      I forgot about that- excellent point :)

    Tommy Vercetti is dead.

    Obviously we get to play as his ghost this time, they're taking GTA in crazy new directions!

    Managed to find some pretty good details on the voice in the trailer:


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