Redfern Host To Skin-Tight Saint’s Row Marketing Stunt

Redfern Host To Skin-Tight Saint’s Row Marketing Stunt

THQ might be closing local studios in a bid to tighten its belt, but that hasn’t stopped its local PR from spending $10,000+ on an eyebrow-raising marketing stunt this past Thursday in Redfern, NSW.

According to mumBRELLA, THQ deployed a cadre of women in securely-fitted attire to dispense free petrol to passing motorists on Cleveland Street. The free fuel bonanza, which started at 6am, lasted a mere three hours, its sole purpose to promote THQ’s upcoming title Saint’s Row: The Third.

Three hours of marketing doesn’t sound like much, but the incident not only got the police involved to handle the not-at-all unexpected traffic stickiness, but appeared on the likes of Today Tonight and Sunrise. Magnum PR, the company that organised the stunt, estimates $350,000 worth of coverage came out of the thing.

I’m certainly not helping by writing this post, obviously.

I guess THQ is making sure every buck counts, and dressing women up in tight-fitting clothes and giving out free petrol is certainly one of the more blatant ways of going about it.

Image: Dominic Loneragan

Police, free petrol and gangsterettes used in marketing stunt for new video game [mUmBRELLA]


  • Is this the right target audience though? Marketing went all out at the EB Games Expo, and to be honest it was mostly annoying.

      • Just because you say you ‘don’t want to stereotype’ doesn’t make it okay to ‘stereotype’.

        I used quotation marks around the last stereotype because the actual appropriate term is ‘racist fuck-head’.

        Don’t come back.

      • +1

        Anyone calling this guy out for being a racist needs to:

        a) Check their definition of racist.
        b) Go for a walk through Redfern. THROUGH Redfern.

        • I live in Redfern, which part should I walk THROUGH to see the bullshit you and your mates actually think happens in Redfern? Don’t be a pussy and go and see for yourself and to put the record straight this was done in Surry Hilly not Redfern.

      • Lol @ the ragers.
        People that sensitive just should steer clear of the internet.

        Truth hurts eh?
        I laughed regardless. 🙂

        • Because it’s the internet its ok to be a racist f**khead right? so we should all just knuckle-down and live with 4chan’s new light for the world?


          • He was stereotyping Redfern, not people of any race.
            I think this just goes to show how badly people seek out racism in normally inoffensive material. Keep up the good fight, guys. Don’t worry about how ridiculous you’re being.

          • It’s suburbist right? No meantion was made of any race. If people are offended then they are subliminally racist in assuming that it is a certain race that is huffing the petrol which I think makes them bad people…I smelt magic markers once until I went Dizzy.

          • Yeah that’s a valid point. Aren’t the people who are assuming he was talking about specific people in Redfern being racist?

            Lighten up, pointing out things that have been known to happen doesn’t make it racist.

          • It’s not a valid point at all. The OP was clearly making a racial stereotype, you’d have to be in complete denial to argue otherwise.

            Bring back moderation. Kotaku’s meant to be the ‘smart’ game forum. There is no way Mark would have let that original comment through.

  • I they had a car wash that was on 7 news, with something else I wont talk about.

    But all I can say, is it worked, didn’t it, and there is nothing to say this was a bad idea. Yet.

  • Why didn’t they give out fuel cards to people who preordered the game ? That would have had a direct impact on sales. Rather than some vague to measure awareness increase in the public consciousness about a game that is actually really good but no one has actually ever cared that it was any good they didn’t want it

    • That’s a pretty good idea. I think the primary reason is that they don’t get to put chicks in scantily-clad costumes in every copy of the game also.

      The other reason of course is to get Today Tonight and Sunrise to talk about it, their media circulation is gigantic.

    • Your idea would be great, but a logistical nightmare.

      In related news, Brian Ashcraft is heading to Cleveland Street.

      • Nah. Bashcraft wouldn’t go anywhere near there. The girls aren’t dressed up as, or acting like, pre-pubescent anime characters.

    • Because what you’re suggesting only rewards people who pre-order. Take a guess what percentage of the market pre-orders.
      This stunt exposes the game to everyone, not just those who would buy (or pre-order) the game.

    • Because they already have your money, they don’t give a single fuck about you until DLC, which, judging by the fact you pre-ordered this game. You are going to buy.

    • Sounds like what the USA PSN store did with their release of Daytona USA. Buy the game and get some free fuel voucher or discount, I can’t remember

    • They don’t need to spread market awareness to people who have already bought the game, the point in marketing is to get people that haven’t heard of it to go “Hey, WTF is Saint’s row the third?”.

      Maybe they should be getting the promo girls to give out free drinks in the nightclub scene, more likely to get lots of gamers that would be into the type of game there than people on their 6am commute to work.

      • The only problem with this is you’re not allowed to give out free alcohol in bars or clubs, in QLD at least.

        Looking forward to the media shitstorm when they actually research Saints Row 3 and realise you can beat whores to death with a 3ft dildo. Nevertheless, I’ve certainly preordered it 😀

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