Reggie Says Skyward Sword Will Forever Be The Best Game Of All Time

Reggie Says Skyward Sword Will Forever Be The Best Game Of All Time

Reggie Fils-Aime is not one to mince words, and while we also believe Skyward Sword is fantastic, he thinks it’s the best game ever.

Not only that, he doesn’t think any other game will dethrone it from its lofty perch in the future. That quote, and other interesting ones, are taken from an interview with AOL. Don’t agree with Reggie? Think Skyward Sword is the greatest thing since sliced bread? Tell us how you feel below.


  • Of course the Reggie is going to think that a Nintendo game is the “best game ever”, Skyward Sword is a good game and all… but definitely not deserving the title of best game in history.

  • so thats that then? weve hit the pinnacle and theres no point in making anymore games because theyll never compare?

    what an ass.

    • Uhhh, no.
      I beleive he is referring to the whole package in Skyward Sword.
      Myself, I can’t really think of many games that are quite the same as Zelda. Genre-wise.
      what about them controls? It doesn’t look like the WiiU will primarily use them, so I doubt we’ll see that from nintendo again. what about MS? We’ll I wouldn’t day Kinect is quite the same, but I haven’t seen a lot of support for a fully controlled game like this. Same this with Sony Move.

  • It won’t hurt to keep the quote in context so let’s keep in mind the sentence before that quote;

    “All the reviews aren’t out yet, but I counted this morning there are eight perfect scores.”

    • I’ll just add that it’d be really awesome if whoever is on as editor this weekend could change this article. Maybe add the quote I’ve mentioned and reword the entire article as it stands so it’s not your typical KotakuUS “take it out of context and lie to get page hits”.

      • How about you join the kotaku au editor team and do it? If you can’t then please stop whining because they are the editor not you. It’s up to them to publish what they want and you have the right to not read it when it’s tagged kotaku US. Not that hard. Or you knew this article was by kotaku US and you intentionally comment and complain with the intention to defame kotaku? Either way no one cares about you reading and complaining any article. Troll somewhere else.

        • Who is going to check to make sure not every article is a US one every time? I’m certainly not. And I usually don’t know if it is one until I’ve read the article.
          Chazz makes a valid point.

          I’m sure it’ll be a great game, but not best ever.I don’t think there will ever be a best ever.
          As for Nintendo, they have plenty of great games, it’s just “cool” so say Nintendo sucks. They are able to re-invent themselves and have been around for years, much longer then any other game console company.

          • Are you serious? Below the article name have an Australia flag and if it doesn’t have it then its Kotaku US. Is it that hard to notice when its RIGHT BELOW the title?

          • So its not ok to point out the article could be out of context and the only way to do this is to join the editor team of the site instead of making a comment on the COMMENTS section?

  • I have no doubt it may indeed be the best game ever made.. FOR President Reggie of Nintendo.

    For the rest of the world, for most of us? Not so much

    “Best game ever made” is very subjective and many people will have many different views on what the best game actually is.

  • Yeah and we trust this man! The dude that said if you dont own a 3DS what’s wrong with you!!! Enjoy your swan song zelda as nintendo will be dead in a year or two.

    • “Nintendo will be dead in a year or two.”

      Exactly. Along with the need to breath, cars with four wheels, McDonalds and green grass.

    • Nintendo as a company is 122 years old…

      I really doubt they are going to just up and disappear like that… it would have to take a huge failure, something the 3DS wasn’t… at least not as bad as people seem to make it out to be… It actually sold rather well, just not as well as expected.

  • If the quote the title is related to is the one in the picture…than this is way off. He dind’t say it was ‘the best game ever’ he said that ‘there wont be a game comparable to skyward sword’ and at the moment at least, it’s pretty true, unless there’s a motion controlled RPG out there that I don’t know about.

  • Really? Seems to me from that quote that he is saying “in history”.

    History as in “the past” as in “Best game of all time so far”.

    We don’t call 2012 or 2013 “History” do we? No.

    Don’t ever twist peoples words.

  • There’s got to be some context to that quote. I understand he’s expressing some obligatory professional bias but there’s a line between talking it up and just sounding like an idiot.

  • Nintendo used to be my go-to for gaming, but I gave up on them a long time ago, Zelda is nothing but a rehash of a rehash, mario is just…. well mario and Metroid is dead in the water (WHERE”S MY GLORIOUS 2D METROID YOU BASTARDS)

    I blame Microsoft, I bought an xbox because M$ bought rare, turned out that little transaction was the worst thing to happen to gaming. So long creative, charming games and hello sterile avatar rubbish. I miss (my) golden days. Platformers didn’t deserve the violent death they suffered.

    So yeah, Nintendo don’t have a creative bone in them apart from gimmicks, they will get steamrolled by M$ and Sony at E3 next year and people who like proper games will continue to cry into their pillows each night (nothing suss)

  • Worst article i have ever read on Kotaku, can you please direct me to the section where Reggie “thinks it’s the best game ever.” because i read the article and he did not say that all.

    That and the misleading title is horrible.

    Matthew Buzzi, please edit this trash you have posted to better reflect what was in the interview.


  • As much as you can tell he’s a marketing guy, there’s something very likeable about Reggie Fils-Aime, I can’t quite put my finger on it.

  • That ain’t what he said. He’s exaggerating the prowess of the game I would think, but not to the extent that Buzzi thinks he is. The quote could mean “it’s the best”, but he isn’t referring to the game: he’s referring to the reception the game has received. That, and he doesn’t say unequivocally that the reception is unique, he says “I can’t commit that…”

    “and I think some comments were taken out of context”
    -Most hilarious line in the interview for me, considering how I found the interview.

  • “Reggie Fils-Aime is not one to mince words”

    if i’m understanding this right, you are saying that he never exaggerates?

    have you ever listened to the guy? at E3 i he told the audience that WiiU is an experience, not a games platform…

    i’m sure the games gonna be great, it’s one of the few games that i want to get a wii for, but i would not think the head of nintendo america would be saying that their new game isn’t fantastic….

  • Skyward Sword looks great, but it kinda looks like every other Zelda game. Twilight Princess is going to be compared to SS like 5 billion times.

  • Great game maybe, but on a 5yr old platform with blocky grahpics just ruins it for me… I love Zelda and all but Paaaaleease

  • zelda is boring and uninspired. COME AT ME!

    srsly though i have much respect for older games (started on an Amiga myself) and regularly go back to play 2d old school rpg’s and adventure games, but i hate zelda lol, not 100% sure why, i just cannot give a fuck

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