Remember This?

Do you remember the game from this fragment of a screenshot? Leave your answer in the comments! The first person to get the answer receives a nod from us in your general direction! Wow! That's amazing!


    in b4 "The Dig"

      What is it with everyone and mentioning 'The Dig'?

      I have finished that game and all I can remember is crewing my finger nails off in frustration with that game's pixel finding.

      Sure the atmosphere and story were nice but the game play offset the effects.

        so....the Dig?


          *Kills Alex and uses a Life Crystal on him.*

    Rainbow Islands on the NES?

      Just found out the game was one multiple platforms. It looks like the Arcade version.

      But I keep thinking of my old NES for some reason.

      Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat onnnnnnnnnnnn eeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrthhhhhh!??!

      Man. Maaaaan! You people are too good at this. Sigh.

        Not good, Ms Lien. Just the luck of the draw. And today decided it is my turn.


        Your response is priceless.

        Yesterday was Bubble Bobble... Rainbow island is too similar so it was already in peoples minds.

    alex kidd

    I'm guessing that's a cloud and the bottom of some kind of score or lives indicator in the top right. Looks like it could be Atari 7800 kind of era.


    It's not Cloud 9 is it?

      Nope, Wisehacker got it, it's Rainbow Islands. I was way off.

    I want a nod in my general direction! I hope whoever gets it is in my general direction so I can pretend the nod is directed at me.

      *stands behind Strange so that the nod is also directed at her**

      *not in a creepy way

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