Remember This?

Can you remember this game from one single screenshot? I have a feeling I may have this one a little too easy, but if you're all struggling I'll upload another part of the screen later in the afternoon.


    Conga line crash?
    An amazing top-down sim on the C64 that serverd as a warning to all as to what happens when good conga lines go bad...

    Crosshair wars!

    Yeah I got nothin'

      Ah Lemmings, of course.

      I hang my head in shame.


      Or maybe Lemmings 2: The Tribes?

      Nice work.

      In memory of this...
      We should all play :D


    The Dig.

      I'd like to see Mark post a pic of a black wall from The Dig. Someone would actually get it!


    looks familiar [dont they all!] reminding of a targeting reticle from an fps perhaps...

    Wing commander?


    Wing Commander III

    URK! That crosshair! I know it! What is it.... ARRGH this is going to annoy me until 5pm.

    Thanks, Serrels. Now I won't get anything done.

    It's Lemmings! Well done to everyone who got it right!

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