Remember This?

Can you remember this game from one blurry, rubbish portion of a screenshot? I believe, this time, I may have you folks flummoxed. If you're all still struggling I'll chuck up a second part of the pic later in the afternoon.


    ShadowRun on SNES

      Yup, exactly what I thought too.

        yep, shadowrun on snes, love that game. I got it straight away and even knew what part of the game it was from.

      The absolute first thing I thought of. It's gotta be it.

    Dawn of War 2

    vampire masquerade

    It's the perfect angle fos Zaxxon - so maybe super Zaxxon.

    Looks like a sewer section in an game, we're looking at the greenish water and on either side is the walkway.



    I'm calling Shadowrun on SNES.

      Darn. Beat me to it.
        Looks like a winner.

          Man I played the crap out of that thing when I was a teenager. US version with my old Honeybee US-PAL converter - the one that you had to stick a PAL cart on the back. Such great memories. Such an amazing game to boot.

    Real War

    the tents on either side of the airfield.

    Ultima 8? Crusader no regret, or no remorse?

    I'm thinking people are just going to say whatever isometric game they played the most...

      OK then.

      SimCity 2000.

      Yes, I know I'm old but I love those kind of games.

    FALLOUT 1!!! Or Starcraft

    Diablo 2.

    Shadowrun (SNES) immediately popped into my head upon seeing the screenshot, could be a wide variety of other isometric games too though...

    How could it be shadowrun when it is obviously a screenshot of MW3.

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