Remember This? [UPDATE]

Do you remember the game from this fragment of its title screen? Leave your answer in the comments! If no one gets the answer by 2pm, I'll post a clue. I have actually prepared TWO clues for today because I am ambitious and think that I am awfully clever. Someone will probably prove me wrong and I will crawl back to my desk, tail between legs, sobbing.


    ecco the dolphin?

    Streets of Rage 2

    Sunset Riders?

    Or Rockey Knight

    Reminds me of Shadow of the Beast on the Amiga.

      Could very well be........

        That does look awfully similar.

        I don't think so.

        Jeez that was a hard game. Death came microseconds after seeing an enemy.

    international karate c64

    Altered Beast


      Oh yeah sorry, here's the link:,r:5,s:0

        Nope! It is not Altered Beast!

    fire and ice?

    I guess it's something from the GameBoy Colour given the colours and pixelation...not sure what though.

      Not a hope - colours yes, but there's too much detail in the pixels. GBC is a lot blockier. I'm thinking snes or late DOS era personally.

    space harrier

    Jill of the Jungle, perhaps?

      They look like they could be CGA graphics which narrows it down a bit.

      I'd swear I've seen that sky before.

    Atari! Air Sea Battle

    Now I look at the second pic, I'm prob very wrong!

    I do believe that's Asterix and the Great Rescue


      *gasp* You're right!

      At least I got far enough to post a clue, so I don't feel too bad about having someone guess the game. Congratulations on your Remember This victory!

      For this, you receive acknowledgement!


        And they said reading all those Asterix and Obelix comics when I was younger was a waste of my time
        I'm glad I didn't cause you to have a breakdown Tracey, but I need my kudos

    Ahh, because it's find Asterix day. Damn, should have got that.

    I almost started to reminisce over my gaming days during the CGA era!

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