Remember This?

Can you remember this game? I think I may have made this one a bit too easy. I expect this will be guessed within ten minutes, although I hope to be proven wrong!



      Looks very MGS'esque... that was my first thought.

      I concur. Looks like the area near where you fight revolver ocelot.

        Alright, I laughed once i saw just about everyone initial reaction was the same as mine.

    Wolfenstien 3d

    Doom, Hexen, Heretic, Duke 3D...something of that ilk

    I'm playing it right now in anticipation of the HD collection! Has to be Metal Gear Solid!

    MGS, 100%.

      Seriously, the Original MGS has the most noticeable and identifiable low-res pixels in all of gaming.

    Metal Gear Solid

    But I really think it's The Dig.


    Predator: concrete jungle

    I would have guessed MGS also. maybe MGS 2 though

    I'll hold you to that, doctor.


    Urban Chaos PSone

    Prince of Persia

    Rise of the Triad

    Deus Ex (the original)

    Since it's Skyrim eve and in honour of Bethesda I'll say COC- Dark Corners of the Earth.

    Final Fantasy VII
    or VIII

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