Remember This?

Can you remember this game from one portion of a screenshot? Yesterday's effort was a little easy, so I've cranked it up another notch — BAM. If you guys are struggling I'll post an update later in the afternoon.


    Elder Scrolls : Arena?

      No idea really, but I may have something on my mind today...

    Might and magic

    If it isn't an Elder Scrolls game like Daggerfall maybe, I don't know what is is.


    Or alternatively Quake?


    Sonic & Knuckles?

    Poop Scooper 2: The search for corn

    Total annihilation? Damn that looks familiar

    Doom 2

    It's got to be the original Doom, on the score screen after the melt away cut to the next level.

    I'm staying in the same vein...
    Duke 3D
    Shadow Warrior
    - all Build games.

    I know this. I know this so badly and it's driving me nuts!!


        This is correct. Zedek's Tomb is the level. The only screenshot I can find of that specific section fails to link properly from Google image search. It's a section with 3 switches.

          And because it's easier to just make my own new screenshot, this is the area in question:

    blood or hexen

    What was yesterdays?

      Good question. I'd like to know as well.

        Metal Gear Soild was yesterday's pic

          Thanks. Mark needs to update the article at the end of the day with the full screenshot and who guessed it correctly (if anyone has). It's annoying to leave this hanging without a definitive answer.

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