Remember This? [Update]

Aw yeah. I know I've got you guys this time! Can you remember this game? If you folks are struggling, I'll chuck up a second image in the afternoon!

Congrats to Chazz. This may be the most unbelievable 'get' in Remember This history.

The game was Punch Out!!


    So... this is what it's come to.

    I don't know, MegaMan?

    Mark Serrels 2: Desperate Times, Desperate Measures.


        I love that even Marks Desperate Times, Desperate Measures image was still gotten within 14 minutes...


      if by Ducktails you mean Ducktales. then maybe?
      looks like the hat.

      looks very much like ducktales

    Duck Hunt?

      I don't think the sky colour is correct.

      Thought this the moment I saw it too. But checking out the screenies, the dog's ear is far shorter than that. There's way too many pixels (vertically) in this pic for it to be him.

    Punch Out

      Are you for real? HOW DID YOU GET THIS!

      I think this may be the most unbelievable get in Remember This history.

        Are you fricking serious?!?!

        That was wild stab in the dark.

        Hell, even if it was a stab in the dark, I'm posting thi s anyway;

    I know this one.
    It's The Dig. Again.

    Pretty simple one, Mark. Better luck tomorrow.

    Mannnn - these screen shots be trollin'!

    Mickey Mouse

    I read these articles for people saying "better luck next time" even when they're wrong. It's pretty funny. Although other people being funny and saying "Skyrim" or "MW3"... yeah, that get's old quick.

      Oh come on.... get in the spirit.

      "The Dig" comment is great......and its only just a matter of time!


      We had Berk a few weeks back.

      Personally I've got no idea.

      damnit now that damn theme song is stuck in my head >.<

    Zak McKraken and the Alien Mindbenders

    A text adventure? Lord of the rings pt1 or the hobbit?

    I think it's an Alex Kidd.

    Alex Kidd in Miracle world

    or Return to Miracle World maybe.

      What on earth is Return to Miracle World?

        You know it's Kotaku Australia when there is a Dave, Bob and Barry all in the responses!

        Wondering if they mean Alex Kidd in the Enchanted Castle.

    Hahaha, that's utterly brilliant!

    Chazz KO'd Serrels!

    Rayman? Something on this page is telling me Rayman. Can't put my finger on it.

    Duck Hunt

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