Remember This?

I literally can't believe that someone managed to pick yesterday's Remember This from one screenshot. Incredible. But I'm back on the horse for this one. Can you remember this game from one portion of a screenshot?


    Moon Buggy on...some old Apple-Mac

    There's probably too many colours but the purple background makes me say... Alley Cat.

    Superman 64

      That was exactly what came to mind first.

        I am thinking so.

        Never actually played superman 64 tho ~LOL~


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            9 minutes. Oh dear. He's in the corner somewhere, rocking....

      Certainly looks like it is Superman. (pic on the right)

      Serrels got super owned!

    Something to do with Rayman?


    Something is making me say UN Squadron but I dont' know what it is.

    My other thought is Bioforge.

    Twisted Metal.

      dont you get it again hahaha

    Scorched Earth....I reckon

    Dragon Ball Z: Ultimate Battle 22
    Dragon Ball Z: The Legend
    Dragon Ball GT: Final Bout

      You were thinking it was Piccolo's cape too then?

    It's defenitely Superman 64.

    These just get easier and easier.
    It's The Dig.

    See you tomorrow!

    It's a Nintendo 64 game, I'm sure of that. Might be Superman. I'm also thinking Body Harvest.

    Scorched Earth?

    I don't know why I'm thinking Croc... colourful, I suppose.

    Ecco the dolphin

    All that purple makes me think Stellar 7

      OH, never mind. Someone got it. :)

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