Remember This?

Can you remember this game from one small portion of a screenshot? You guys have been destroying me recently, but I'm giving it another shot regardless! If you can't get this by the afternoon I'll chuck up another part of the pic.


    I thought The Last Ninja...but it looks too low res for that.

    Probably something like Super Sprint or whatever it was called

      99% sure it's The Last Ninja. Unless Mark is being sneaky and it's the Last Ninja 2.

        If its The Last Ninja, its the very first level I think.

        Looks like Erebus got in in 1 min!

      Well done... 1 minute

      DAMMIT! I played this game religiously as a kid on the c64, I wouldve got it straight away! RAAARR! If it wasnt for those meddling kids...

        I feel like this every time it's a C64 game. Usually the one day a fortnight I'm late checking.

      Serrels just shot himself. With a camera, weeping openly. He's not suicidal or anything.

      May I just say that Last Ninja's music was bloody fanastic? Oh, looks like I did anyway.

      Go check out the longplay on youtube and tell me its not awesome!

      Not only did you manage it in the first minute, but you were also the first comment! Has a Remember This been beaten this hard before?

        I can't remember the game, but I'm pretty sure it's been done within a few seconds before.

    Is it Paperboy?

    Or a super wild guess, Back to the Future?

    Looks a bit like something Atari, so I'm throwing this one out there: River Raid

    It's The Dig.
    Again?? Can we get a different game tomorrow please?

      Why the bloody hell do you keep saying its The Dig huh?


      When everyone KNOWS its Beneath a Steel Sky!

    Last Ninja, loved that C64 game!

    ET on Atari


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        I doubt you'd be lucky enough to get the isometric view... it would probably end up as a first person shooter... apparently that's what people want! (a la Syndicate reboot)


    I was gunna say super sprint. Retro gamer reported system 3 were working on last ninja remake around the time impossible mission was re- released! Anyone know it's current status?

      Well LN and LN2 are both on the Wii Virtual Console - but I haven't heard anythign about a remake of any kind.

        In OZ????? Last time i looked no c64 games in oz. Then again I havent touched my wii in about two years - please tell me there are c64 games for australia- or are u referring to another system?

          Yup - You might be right - Virtual Console earch in the US reveals both games - A search in AU reveals nothing. Looks like it's back to emulation.

            No it's not. I own the original. No need to emulate!!!!

    My first thought was super sprint - but once I scrolled down and saw that first guess I knew I was wrong. The Last Ninja is probably the first game I ever completed and I've completed it at least 3 or 4 times. Terrible platforming puzzles and all.

    Looks more like RC racer to me on SMS

      Read the other comments first rivv ...

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