Remember This?

Can you remember this game from one screenshot? You folks have been completely creaming me recently. Hopefully I can turn the tide with this one. If you're all struggling I'll update later in the afternoon!

Alright, here's the second part of the screenshot...


    Banjo Kazooie?

    Super Mario RPG?

    Oh wait, no, stupid me, FINAL FANTASY TACTICS!

      This was my first thought too.

    Mischief makers, N64?


      Sorry, Tomba!

    YES! I knew it wouldn't take long for it to happen again.

    The Dig. :)

      You're gonna shit bricks the day they actually DO use The Dig and someone else gets it ;)

        Didnt that happen like a week ago and tracey guessed the dig? lol

        Yeah, that happened last Friday.

          You had your chance and it's time to give it up dude, and Zak McKracken was a way better game!

            My day will come again. I will never stop digging!

    Going with my answer from yesterday: Sega Rally.

    With an outside chance of Wind Waker

    Pilot Wings?

    A mario title is my bet. One of the more recent releases judging from the screenie

    Any day people don't get it on the first post is a good day.

      has the KPI been reduced to this now? hahaha

      Aw, I feel for you Mark. You have been pretty kind considering you haven't posted the predicted 1x1 pixel yet XD

    Final fantasy tactics / tactics orge

    mischief makers for n64?

    Tactics Ogre 64

      correction tactics ogre: let us cling together

    mario sunshine

    intro of diddy kong racing

    Donkey Kong 64?

    Kings quest 5?

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