Remember This? [UPDATE]

Can you remember this game from one portion of a screenshot? I almost got you all yesterday! If you're all struggling I'll upload a second pic later this afternoon.

Yesterday's game was Chuck Rock! Congrats to Mancomb Seepgood, who got it right at the death yesterday!

UPDATE: I'm killing it this week! Here's the second part of the image!


    Is it Battletoads?

    Metal Gear


    One of the Pokemon games on the... some handheld console thing.

    Zombies ate my neighbors

      I was going to say that, looks a little too pixelated, though. Maybe.

    I'd say cannon fodder but those trees are too pretty. I think it might be a harvest moon. Don't know which one though.

    chrono trigger


    The Dig.

    I'd know it anywhere.

      I was once in one of these, read that, and then at the same time a co-worker asked me IF I REMEMBERED "THE DIG".


    lol, surely it's Dizzy! Mark couldnt help himself...

    "Tom and jerry the movie" for the game gear?

    God of War PC - ran on my 486

      Sorry - God of Thunder - not God of War

    Metal Gear. I feel asleep! The truck have started to move!

    Makes me think of Harvest Moon type game.

    sonic spinball!

    the tileset reminds me of one i loved playing on nes which was not dissimilar to cannon fodder in style but i can't for the love of me remember the name!

    Is it Guerrilla war on the NES?

    Did anyone get yesterday's?

      Read the article accompanying today's screenshot :)

        Huh... I swear that bit wasn't there when I looked before :P

    Minecraft 1.0

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