Remember This?

I totally forgot to update Remember This yesterday. Sorry guys. As a reward I'm going to throw you guys a bone. I think you'll all have no problems getting this one...

[And yesterday's Remember This was Super Fire Pro Wrestling Special.]


    Halo : Combat Evolved

    The Dug, since the Dig has already been done

      So the next one after that would be Dig Dug?

        I remember that game! I used to love it!

    Castleonic the hedgehog in Miracle World.

    Shit, I dunno!

      Wait, is that Cave Story?

    Link to the past?

      Holy shit! First time I've gotten one right!

        Gorram it! That was gonna be my guess! I'm so slow at this game :(

    One of the mario's? like at the end of the level with the flag?

    Dammit, another one where I thought Zelda the moment I saw it.


    Tile Mosaic construction set?

    Is it Dune 2? It looks like the floor you put down or am i getting confused with another top down game

    Sonic on Master System?

    My first thought was actually The New Zealand Story, but I'm pretty sure that's Zelda too!

    Can’t stop the sinagl and you can’t keep a Browncoat from spreading the gospel of Joss! That’s uber-shiny that you’re less than 6 degrees of separation from Nathan. Too cool!

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