Remember This? [Update]

You got yesterday's one pretty easily, so I've made this one a little tougher. Do me a favour and don't embarrass me by getting it in the first post will you folks? Have mercy! In the unlikely event that you guys can't get this, I'll post another section of the pic later this afternoon.

Alright here's the second part!



      Archon was black n white from what I can remember.

        My bad, that was the cover.

    Going to have a stab in the dark. Just from the colour I want to say Super Meat Boy

    No idea.

    So ... what was the answer for Remember This on Monday?

      Was that not guessed? Sorry -- I thought it was. It was California Games -- on the roller skates level.

        Can you post the full screenshot please?

        Any chance you can post the answers on the thread the next day? Half the time I have no idea what the hell I'm looking for, to find the right answer.

    lol its like a Dr Mario on the Virtual Boy

    Grim Fandango. Its gotta be, its a close up of Glottis demon car

    Shogun (1986 version)

    Ren and Stimpy Time Warp?

    Halo: Combat Evolved

    Aunt Flo's Brickmania.

    Ahh, an update.

    It's definitely The Dig.

    Four and a Half Bricks and the Raving Pink Frogs!

    Skate or Die?

    Space Quest something?

    Bart Vs The Space Mutants?...

      I are winrar:

        Well done dude!

          'Twas an awesome game, tough as nails though.

            cutting-edge animation on disk 1. "I'm Bart Simpson who the hell are you?"

      Oh YES!
      I had this on my Amiga 500! Spread over 3 or 4 3.5" floppies.... That was the best game ever back in the day! But yes, Bob, super tough it certainly was!
      Still remember the day I figured out how to prank call Moe at the beginning though.... oh what a fantastic day that was :p

      Come to think of it though, what on earth was with the premise of that game? Each level the aliens were using certain types of items to fuel their ship or weapon or plan of some sort.... All I remember is first level was "things that were purple", second level was hats....... interesting aliens indeed! lol

        I remembered how brutal the game was, and I was certain I'd made it to the second level. Now that you've said they wanted hats I remember I did :D
        I think I may have it for master system still, might need to dig it out...

          Oh! I just remembered a "cheat" [remember what these things were? You know, before they started charging for them and calling them DLC? GET OFF MY LAWN! *ahem*]

          .. anyway, lol...

          Near the start of the Hats level, there is this bastard of a section where you have to jump on moving platforms to get over wet cement. On the second platform, jump up and down 3 or 4 times, and the platform carries you over that whole section! [THIS is the information my bloody brain chooses to remember instead of other things such as, oh, birthdays and anniversaries..... "sorry I forgot honey, but I can get you over the concrete section in obscure early 90's video games! " :p ]

    Bart vs the Space Mutants, possibly one of the hardest games I ever owned, I think I got to the 2nd level about half way.

    On C64 Tape drive, it was 30 mins to load 1st level. Or so my time broken brain remembers and it did always seem to take forever. Kids today bitching about 45second load time.

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