Reminder To Arkham City Players: Talk To Calendar Man Today

If you're playing Batman: Arkham City and you don't believe in cheating by changing your system's internal clock, go talk to the Calendar Man today.

He's in the basement of the courthouse near the top of the map (the courthouse where you first encounter Two-Face and Catwoman). Use the back entrance and head downstairs. He has something to tell you.

He'll want to chat again on November 24.


    Oh yeah, real helpful for us PC players...

    Stupid PC delay.

    I forgot. Stupid achievement. How are you supposed to remember something as dumb as that when better things have since captured your attention. Idol Master!!!

    Batman: Arkham City PC Version on steam was 49.99 USD (before %10 discount for presale which actually made it $39.99 USD) overnight it’s jump a massive $50USD to now 99.95 USD - Wow! that's another steam massive price hike --
    Also Lord of the Rings: War in the North was 49.99 USD now 73.99 USD which means it’s jumped nearly $30USD overnight as well

    Maybe Kotaku can get someone to write an article on this pricing hike shit.

      "Wow! that’s another steam massive price hike"

      I think you mean "Wow! that’s another publisher massive price hike"

        will we don't know if it IS the publisher, steam or retail stores behind it! Steam have never made an official response about this nor has this be truly investigated. Our own ACCC are gutless to investigate it! ...steam are happy to hike the prices so it's more likely a combination - That said 50USD price hikes with our strong dollar are excessive and outright profiteering by whoever is behind this ... Especially when you know these games where listed for nearly a month at the lower price .- this rice hiking should be outlawed and the ones behind it named and shamed!

          If steam gets paid in percentage points, as opposed to a flat fee, then everyone could be making more money from increased prices.

          side note: Steam volunteer mods are locking any threads on the price hiking issue ...

            Ease up turbo, they locked and deleted the multiple threads on it and combined them into a single thread for the sake of coherence. No point there being 20+ threads on the exact topic.

    Wow. $99.95, what a joke. $50.00 price rise for nothing. Just lost my money.

      Also noticed $30.00 price bump on Assassin's Creed: Revelations. Bit of topic though, sorry.

    Hmm, at $49.99 I like many others were sure to buy Batman on PC instead of console - certainly it was in my wishlist. Excellent price, good game. But $99.99? Not a chance. What a load of A-grade garbage.

    ""World of Goo generates significantly more revenue at a $5 price point than it did at $10", said the developer simply on their website."


    This is not particularly helpful for Australians; you needed to talk to him yesterday, on Halloween.

      yup, reeeeally could have used an Au article for this early yesterday.

        Thanks Kotaku Au...

    Really glad I just ended up buying it at the $39 price - I was going to wait and see if a collectors edition came out with some DLC indication in the end I just knew it wouldn't be on Steam for that cheap for much longer and bought it.

    Extremely glad I did now.

    I'm glad I knew Calender Man wanted to chat on Halloween. Though as others said: This isn't helpful, as Halloween was yesterday.

    God dammit OzGameShop... why isn't there an 'express-post' option?

    Damn it! I forgot about it! Time to set the PS3 back 24 hours....

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