Report: Assassin's Creed Gets A Movie Deal That Even Spielberg Couldn't

Last month, it was reported that Sony and Ubisoft will soon sign an Assassin's Creed movie deal. From the sound of it, this is no normal movie deal.

Ubisoft apparently has control over everything, from the budget to the script to the actors to even the release date. According to one studio exec, Ubisoft even wants the ability to "pull the plug" on the project should it decide to.

"As a director, even Steven Spielberg cannot get this kind of deal," an insider told Vulture. It's Ubisoft's far-reaching control over the project that ultimately might mean it never gets made.

Spielberg, above, is of course not currently attached to this project, but, as one of the most powerful Hollywood players, mentioned to illustrate how rare Ubisoft's deal apparently is.

Supposedly, Ubisoft is ponying up the majority of the film's development, and this could be why it's pushing for so much control.

Insiders told Vulture that Ubisoft felt as thought Prince of Persia wasn't as good as it could have been because the game maker didn't have enough control over the project. However, Disney insiders said that Ubisoft had too much control over the picture.

Asked one studio exec, "It begs the question, if they're so afraid of what will happen to their franchises, why make a movie at all?"

Money, that's why. Money.

Kotaku is following up with Ubisoft and will update this post should the company comment.

Why a Killer Deal to Turn a Hit Video [Vulture]


    This is actually really good news, if it gets made being done by Ubisoft should ensure it's not just another shitty port from Game to Cinema

      You're obviously my evil (or maybe good, I've got a beard) doppleganger. I see this as being an extremely bad thing for the AC movie. A game studio who doesn't have a great deal of experience making films other than a rather crappy short film to promote their own game is getting almost total creative control over a major feature film? That does not bode well.

      There's a reason they hire a screen writer for the vast majority of film adaptations of books. While the author knows the source material better than anyone, a screen writer has a better idea of the best way to visually represent it. Usually anyway.

      Your move evil/good twin.

        Well look at movie adaptations with little to no involvement from the developer...they're pretty darn shite.

          the biggest complaint most moviegoers have has usually been "that wasn't how it was in the ". For Ubisoft to have this sort of creative control, they can bring the adaption to the screen with solid ties to the canon rather than having another Uncharted disaster where the director/producer tries to tell the writers "that won't make a good movie, we're going to do this instead" and then have the entire game fan-following rebel against them for going so far off-canon it's not even funny any more

        when director's get their hands on game movie scripts they always turn out shit, its better IMO to have the games devs be in control

          stupid parentheses. that should have read -

          the biggest complaint most moviegoers have has usually been “that wasn’t how it was in the book/game/original movie/last movie/comic“

        No, you're both wrong. This is neither a good or bad sign cos it could still easily be shit either way if Ubisoft is involved heavily or not. If Ubisoft are the main backers that sounds like this will be a tightly budgeted project which definitely signifies it'll be shit. Besides, who really wants to see an Assassins Creed movie?

    I think this is the next logical step in game developers and publishers alike. Big players like blizzard and ubisoft stand out as great story tellers and its only a natural evolution to take what they're great at and expand this into films. By gamers for gamers. It's the only way to truly do a game franchise justice.

      Yeah Ubisoft have always had this plan, moving to movies as well. Hope it doesn't suck, but it probably will.

    The short minifilm for Assassin's Creed 2 was pretty good for the low budget they had. I have somewhat more faith in a movie of Assassin's Creed now that Ubi has final say over everything, or else... who knows shia labeouf could have ended up as lead o.o

    I hope at least like the Prince of Persia film, they produce LEGO Assassin's Creed sets :)

    SquareEnix make some of the best stories told. The Final Fantasy movie wasn't even adaption and it was bad. Leave the movies to the movie makers I say.

      you're only half right. They produced two movies.
      one was baddish but acceptable,
      and the other was baddass and awesome.

      seriously though, with the stuff hollywood is producing right now, it makes Spirits Within look like The Godfather

        More like one was baddish and acceptable
        And one was fan service the likes of which has never been seen before causing many to overlook the fact that it was baddish.

          Are you saying Advent Children was baddish?

          I've never played a FF game beyond FF3 and that's because I never really enjoyed them at all so I am most definitely not a FF fan by any stretch but Advent Children was a ridiculously awesome film.

            This is the point. It was fan service from the beginning. The Godfather didn't try to appease the masses by compromising. Nor did Blade Runner.

              Actually, Blade Runner barely resembled the book it was based off. ;)

    Good. Hopefully it'll turn out like the games. Prince Of Persia was only slightly based on the game it came from.

    If the control Ubisoft exerts over an Assassin's Creed movie actually leads to a very well made outcome, it could set a precedent for other game developers to do the same. This would allow other developers to actually make the movie in-line with what they created, rather than let some ignorant movie executive produce something that only has a passing resemblance to what we know.

    I look forward to them installing drm on our eyes and rendering us unable to see or poop.

    Naughty Dog should take note of this....Uncharted the movie under their full control... could be interesting.

    Though I think they already sold the rights to the movie?

      Umm, Naughty Dog is owned by SONY, who happen to have SONY pictures which own Columbia Pictures. So if Uncharted rights where to be sold, it would be sold to SONY for a massive price of 0 dollars.

      Uncharted movie will be made, hopefully with some influence from the creators since they can be easily accessed (both in LA) and in the same company umbrella and the cut scenes for the Uncharted games were done at SONY pictures as well.

        That's not how the film industry works. Sony Pictures and Sony Computer Entertainment do not talk. The Uncharted movie could easily end up up at Universal or another studio that isn't tied to's all about the money - and rights to a Sony owned property do not have to stay within Sony - it's all very complicated - however it would make sense to stick with Columbia or Sony.

    Well at least there will be no Mark Whalberg as Drake...hopefully..

    sounds like a great idea, all I can say is.... they must cast Roger Craig Smith as Ezio if it's from his era! ...also can't forget Lucy Stillman as Kristen Bell, naturally!

    This could be awesome or awful.

    What I'm really hoping for is for a film set in the assassin's creed universe but NOT the recreation of the story of altair/ezio/desmond/miscellaneous assassin.

    The prequel film for AC2 was, in my view, excellent because it was NOT about ezio, instead setting up some of the early events in the game but was otherwise its own self contained story. Its that sort of thing that I hope will be in a possible feature film

    Of course the really sad part is that it probably won't be like that because they'll need to explain the animus & assassins/templars/piece of eden elements to a virgin audience. Although they might have another character they could memory-mine in an animus, someone who had direct ancestral contact with a piece of eden and were in the assassin/templar wars, maybe see it from the templar perspective or something

    Smooth Disney... real smooth. Suuurreee, it was "Ubisoft" that made the Prince of Persia movie so lame... Riiiight. :-P

    I actually thought the PoP movie was decent and as close as the game could probably get to being a proper movie.
    Good luck to ubisoft. If they keep it all on ezio and not the modern day parts then they have some hope. Otherwise it will be awful (hate all of the scifi elements).

      Don't think it will be Ezio... This is Assasscreed where talking about.

      My bet is that we will get a new Assassin, with there own story. Alt and Ezio are not the only two assassins from the past. There are comics set on others, and there are books about Alt.

      I can easily see them gong a completely different assassino that we have NEVER seen before.

    Even if the movie is shit, its not like it will be anything new. game movies have never really worked.

    Now, I see it like this. If they get the games writers to write the script, and bring in some really good actors and producer and so on, and let them make it, it mite work. But if you-b-soft try's to be all 'My way or the high way!' then it could end badly...

    This could go either way, on one side you have the original writers, which is something that most video game movies never get, like resident evil, for a classic example, that just made no fucking sense.

    On the other hand, look what George lucas did with the 3 star wars films...... Euugh

    Keep in mind that ubisoft always acted in the interest of the audience with the franchise - they did address a lot of key issues people were talking about in forums.
    I doubt they would let it fail. If they did, and the audience gave it a negative response, it would impact on future game sales, and hurt the franchise.

    They've still got assassins creed 3 remember.

    Also keep in mind that they mentioned they were employing a seperate department dedicated to the film interpretations of their games. They said this was going to remain different to their actual developer studios.
    So i would assume they would employ real screenwriters with actual film experience rather than a team of writers who've had no more experience than a few games.

    I just hope they keep everything in order, and don't let the game department interfere with the film. This is where ubisoft's managerial skills come in.

    On the story, i reckon they would need to look at a different character for the player, but introduce the concept for the movie goer (someone already mentioned this). For instance, they would have to explain the animus, templars, but introduce a different character rather than ezio, or altair.

    Perhaps one of the other subjects? Naming the movie somehing like "subject #" would be interesting too rather than just "assassins creed"

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