Report: Skyrim Contains The Entire Elder Scrolls Land Mass

Holy crap. An intrepid Elder Scrolls player, curious as to why the game stopped him at the border between Skyrim and Morrowind (the playable landmass of the third game in the series), engaged noclip mode and decided to look beyond. What he claims he found was... the entire continent of Tamriel.

The whole damn thing.

He took snaps along the way, recording landmarks such as the volcano Vvardenfell and the Imperial City in Cyrodiil (centre of the fourth Elder Scrolls game), and while they're of reduced scale and greatly reduced texture quality (they're basically just lightly textured blobs of landscape), they're there in the game, every time you load it up.

Begging the question... why?

Could be to make your in-game maps and aerial sightseeing more realistic. They could have been used as reference when building Skyrim. Or they could be there as a modder's playground. Who knows!

If you want to try it out yourself, there's full directions on how to do it at the link below.

Entire Tamriel Landmass built into Skyrim. PPSh-41, via Destructoid]


    This means someone has to build the whole continent now and stick it togeather.

    C'mon modders!

    Also mobile sites broken. Can't change themes or load new pages.

      OMFG - Skyrim has just turned into a 1000+ hour playtime game (New record!)

    DLC. Juuuust you wait.

      That's a joke, by the way.

        What would be the issue with that.

        Getting all of morrowind.

        or all of cyrodil. as DLC would be some of the goddamned best DLC ever.

        Could also be an awesomesauce expansion pack

      I'm not a fan of DLC but giving you another country to play in sounds pretty great.

      ...I think it will be. They did talk about doing much larger DLC compared to Oblivion's stuff.

      It's funny because it's true.

    Changing this line in the .ini file allows you to explore it:
    So either DLC or modders will make some lovely scenery for Tamriel soon, without a doubt =)

    I had read elsewhere that it was only Cyrodill and Vvardenfell that were out there... I'll have to look into this...

      I'm sure that all kotaku readers are waiting on bated breath for you to post the results of your "looking into it", seeing as you're such a respectable person with your 100% accurate sources and omega level intellect on gaming.

      SPOILER ALERT: your source will be ultra vague in comparison to this post

        Whoa there, friend. Sorry to have offended your sensibilities as it wasn't intentional...
        I just meant that other 'game news' type sites had only mentioned Cyrodill and Vvardenfell specifically (it's been over a day since I saw them but I think one was the Escapist)
        Either way, Luke has posted innaccuracies in the past and so I was simply pointing out what I had read previously. He could be correct and I could have read something false prior to visiting Kotaku. I don't know, because I forgot to 'look into it' after work ;-P Dissappointing, I know.

        Ah, here's something I had read previously...
        And there was at least one other 'story' type thing I'd seen too but I can't remember where it was because at the time I didn't think I'd have to remember such a thing later on :-P But either way, I couldn't look at the linked Tumblr site that all these stories link to due to the firewall here at work, so I was relying on what sites I could find that weren't blocked. (which, admittedly, kind of limits me to just a few of the 'big sites' and all these little random obscure ones that Google comes up with)

        From the sound of this post it's the entirety of Tamriel, which is sweet if that's the case. Doubt crept into my mind because everything else I had access to only specifically mentioned Cyrodiil and Vvardenfell while Luke was breaking out the 'entire land mass' stuff.

    that. is. AWESOME. i'm no modder but i'm pretty cluey with computers and i can't see any damn reason why those textures couldn't be updated, and some mob/npc/dragon spawns added all over the place in say Morrowind, in some huge fucking mod download (that i would totally download), the only thing i think would be a problem would be dungeons, as far as i know there's no way to change where a dungeon entrance leads.. but who knows ;)

      I'm not sure what you mean by "theres no way to change where a dungeon entrace leads" but it's completely possible (And very easy) to add new dungeons in the construction set for morrowind and oblivion, and skyrim's Construction set is supposed to far surpass both of those so it should be a pinch.

        Thanks for this info, i basically meant that it would be impossible to add fresh dungeons, i never played any Oblivion story/dungeon mods so i didn't know that was possible. Awesome!! cant wait for somebody to do add morrowind now, i never got past the first area cause i hated it, but i'd like to check out a newer version.

    its ahhhh ... how you say..... the DLC's

    Money says that the modders will probably have all that landscape sorted and good to go with a tonne of stuff added before Bethesda release this as DLC (if that is B's intention).

    Interesting, seeing who's a console gamer and who's a PC gamer. (How you tell: console gamers expect DLC, PC gamers expect mods.)

    Keep in mind a lot has happened over 200 years. Morrowind is a LOT different these days, and Cyrodil, well that would've changed a bit too?

      Thats just a good reason for the world to be slightly different (as it inevitably would be if made with skyrim engine)

    I'm thinking DLC will be set in limited areas of Morrowind and/or Oblivion, but the whole thing being there is mostly for the purpose of the map view?

    Isnt morrowind supposed to be almost unlivable due to the red mountian decideing it wanted to turn the surroding area into wasteland? Would like to see some mods for that!

    I haven't even finished skyrim yet..

      I dont think anybody has 'finished' it yet man, i wouldn't worry :P just have fun with it, carve your own experience etc, its what im doing. Most games i get jealous of friends who have higher level chars and all the weapons etc, in this game i just dont care haha

    what would be sweet is a Morrowind & Oblivion reboot with the latest Engine.

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