Rock Band: The Untold Story Of Robot Goat Legs

In October of 2007, Rock Band hit rock bottom, crashing its car into a tree in an alcohol-soaked haze. It was then it knew it had to turn things around. On November 20, 2007, Harmonix introduced it to the world and changed everything.

When I saw that Harmonix had released an Untold Story of Rock Band video to celebrate the game's fourth anniversary I was hoping for something a little more saucy. What I got was an interesting look at the development of the ultimate band game, from the "liberation" of Harmonix from Guitar Hero to the development of robotic goat legs, two great tastes that taste great together.

Happy fourth, Rock Band! I still play you when no one else is looking.


    Rock Band always gets pulled out at my house when friends are around.

    Rock band is and always will be the delicious Rump steak with chips and salad with peppersteak sauce on the side and a lovely lemon lime and bitters made from scratch to Guitar Heroes soggy quarterpounder with soggy fries and a postmix coke.

    Whatever happened to Rock Band 3 in Australia? I was hyped for it to come out, but it seemed to get a very quiet release - and then the Pro instruments were nowhere to be seen?

    the pro instruments were ridiculously hard to get.
    i imported the keyboard from the us and got the strat from my local music store (after being told after a 3 month wait that they had been discontinued and no stock would be coming my way)

    it still gets decent playtime. me and a couple mates have almost got 1000 songs on it when we combine our music downloads.

    2xpro guitars, an ion drum kit, 3 mics (all with stands) and a keyboard and we will keep going all night once every couple of months

    RB still gets an outing at least once or twice a month in my house. It's a great for stress relief and I can always count on it to get me in a good mood. Being able to five-star most tracks on expert drums really gives me a sense of accomplishment. Me + RB 4evr

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