Rock Some Portal Shower Curtains Like It Was 1953

Portal's Aperture Science got its start in 1953 producing shower curtains for the US Army. So it's poignant that in 2011 the company goes back to its roots, and produces shower curtains for...your bathroom.

These curtains don't talk, don't sing and don't flash lights. They're just curtains. Good, honest curtains. The kind of curtains Cave Johnson would sell to the Army. Only without all the mercury*.

They cost $US20, and you can grab one from the link below.

*WARNING: They may contain less than 1% mercury.

Portal 2 Aperture Laboratories Shower Curtain [ThinkGeek]


    If it had the silhouette of the turret like in that picture, I'd say it's an insta-buy.

    Bah, thats what I thought it had too.

    *Wishes he had a shower that used shower curtains

    ***1943*** Gentlemen. This title is flawed. The shower? PRICELESS.

    If you meant the contract to make these for the army, that was 1956.

    If it said Aperture Innovators or Aperture Fixtures on them, instant sale. Their lack of research (oddly ironic) loses them.

    This would be kind of tempting if i had a shower that made use of shower curtains.

    PfffffTT! I'll just buy my own plastic shower curtain and write words on it. Now if (as previously mentioned) they had the sense to make that super fucking awesome shower curtain with the sillohette of the turrent on it INSTANT SALE!!

    Give thinkgeek some lemonde.

    .... and a handgrenade!

    In case of implosion, stand in front of glass.

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