Sadly, This LEGO Game Looked Better On Paper

There was a lot of hype for the ill-fated LEGO Universe. Mostly because it was an MMO using LEGO, but also because the early stuff people saw of the game looked amazing.

The final product rarely met those expectations, and will be shuttered on January 31, 2012. While the game will soon be gone, though, that early stuff — like this concept art — will never die.

This early concept art was done by Netdevil's Dave Kang, who in addition to his work on LEGO Universe has done pieces for Jumpgate Evolution, Fortune and an online game based on Avatar (the cartoon, not the movie).

You can see more of Dave's awesome art at his personal site.

Fine Art is a celebration of the work of video game artists.


    Free to play couldn't save this one eh? Awwwww. I had a quick go once it went F2P. It seemed to be your standard 'collect x of x' affair. I guess it wasn't dark and gritty enough!

      When they said F2P, they meant an unlimited free trial. if they had honestly gone down the road of F2P with cash shop transactions that would have saved the game. Also they blocked so many countries for no real reason they lost a lot of income that way. I played the trial and it's definitely one of the better MMO's I've ever played. Was willing to subscribe and all but I wasn't "allowed".

    I never got to play it either. I was pretty dev to read it was shutting down.

    I feel no sympathy since their "free play" actually was just a level 1 demo. It is a massive insult to the games that actually ran a "free play" to call it such.

    That, plus the fact they never supported an international audience. Australia, plus any number of countries around it never even got a chance to play it. Literally barred from even giving their money away.

    To me, any game that does that deserves an abysmal fate.

    I played the Beta and asked this question because there was no replayability of the game, besides have a place to build and a few mini games that was it. And it was also extremely expensive

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