Saudi Arabia’s First Gaming Expo Is Also A Giant Sausage Party

Saudi Arabia’s First Gaming Expo Is Also A Giant Sausage Party

When Saudi Arabia gets into games news here, it’s usually for banning a game (which its citizens can readily obtain by other means), although it does have developers, who recently published an Uncharted clone. This weekend saw the nation’s first gaming exposition, too, although a visit to its main page advises “Attendance for males only.”

Funny, that’s how it usually works at gaming expos here in the West, too! Alright, alright … cultural sensitivities aside, TGXPO was a three-day affair that showcased a decent mix of upcoming and recently released titles. Grasshopper Manufacture’s Akira Yamaoka, the creator of the Silent Hill series, also gave a talk, which you may enjoy here if you speak either Arabic or Japanese. (Yamaoka opens his talk with “Salam alaykom,” which fires up the crowd immediately. It means “Peace be upon you.”)

Much smaller in scale than the convention-center sized galas we’re accustomed to in the U.S., TGXPO was held in a hotel in Riyadh. It still featured a Gears of War 3 and Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 tournament (whose grand prize was an Xbox 360 and Kinect). Microsoft also was an organising sponsor. No word on cosplay, but if we hear of any photos, be assured they will be posted.

TGXPO [Arabic site; salam alaykom Abdulelah H.!]


    • Having briefly been in Saudi Arabia, I can say with confidence that any public event is a sausage fest. A woman is practically not even allowed to go out to the local shop without being “accompanied” by their spouse or a male relative. Saudi Arabia is the worst (or best, depending on your point of view) state in the Middle East when it comes to a woman’s liberty.

      • I’m not sure who could think it’s the ‘best’ state for womens rights, unless they’re misogynists. Just about anyone with an ounce of compassion would scorn their track record.

  • Males only? And game companies willingly went? Shame on every bloody one of them for supporting blatant discrimination.

  • Hey, while there is a rather large aspect of discrimination in the country, let’s not diss the fact that there are some decent game developers in the middle east. they will and should come from all walks of life.

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