See Felicia Day Play As Herself

This must be weird. Nerd starlet Felicia Day, who stars in not just a Dragon Age web series but some Dragon Age II DLC, sits down here to play...Dragon Age II. As herself.

Nice to see she has about as much trouble keeping a straight face over the premise as I did. Also nice to see her Dragon Age II wandering experience was about as enjoyable as mine. Least she got to edit the boring parts out for the clip.

Felicia Day Playing Dragon Age of the Day [TDW]


    Replace 'as' with 'with' and this article just got interesting.

      Glad to know I am not the only person who immediately thought this.

      I'd start paying a fee to visit here if this were true.

      If that were the video, then i'd be doing the same thing.

    Poor girl has a head like an Uruk-hai.

      i second this.

    Time to make a Skyrim video series then, get myself Dragonborn in DLC.

    Am i the only one who doesn't give a fuck about this girl......

      Far from the only one. If she didn't have anything to do with video games, no one would even look at her twice.

        "If she didn’t have anything to do with video games or Dr. Horrible or Buffy or Eureka"


          Veronica from Fallout: New Vegas!

            (Which is a video game. Move along, nothing to see here.)

            Silly booze hound.

              Sometimes I just need to stop and read before I post, damn it. (I thought she was great in Dollhouse too, if that makes my comment any more legit...)

                Good mention, I forgot Dollhouse.

      the only thing that i liked her in was dr. horrible's sing along blog.... other than that i don't care to much for her

        Kinda makes me wonder then why you'd read an article that's about a video of her and her ingame version.

      No but you're one of the tragic few who don't care so badly that you need to vocalise it.

    if anyone wants to see how dirty minded the video creators really are, try downloading the video and read the name they gave it (hint: she really does play WITH herself)

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