See The Augmented Reality Effects Possible On PS Vita

I've only gotten to play with the PlayStation Vita's augmented reality functions for a few minutes, but the portable system's relatively powerful processor and high-resolution screen does a good job of selling the "magic" overlay effect.

Does it look as good as this demonstration reel from Sony? Not quite -- in real life, you'll be peering through a much smaller viewport.


    3ds copy cats

      Invizimals (an AR game) for the PSP was first released in 2009.

        didn't use the tech like this though.

    Looks good for the first time, but I doubt many people will use these gimmicky effects for much actual gameplay. I looked at the AR cards with my 3DS on the day I got it, and haven't again since. I don't even know where I put the things to be honest.

    Question now is, does it do it better than the 3DS.

    Wouldn't be hard, the 3DS's AR is a little slow.

    THAT FIREWORKS GAME!!! I remember that from Eyetoy Play. Funnest game back then.

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