Settling Catan Is Much More Impressive With 3D Pieces

I've seen plenty of 3D versions of the hit multiplayer board game The Settlers of Catan, but nothing quite as impressive as these 3D game pieces, ready to buy 3D printed and shipped from Shapeways.

When flat pentagonal pieces just don't get the job done, smack one of these little bastards down on the board to get a rise out of the competition. These designs, created by Shapeways designer Tedparsec, are just waiting for your $US15-$US20 and a turn on the 3D printer, the coolest device not currently existing inside my office (give me time.)

I once made a chessboard out of twigs, dirt, and different-coloured rocks. This seems much cooler.

Tedparsec's Designs [Shapeways via Wonderland]


    As a aspiring 3D artist godDAMN am I jealous of these pieces. Particularly the mountain, volcano and that last desert rock, the texturing is beautiful!

    Got wood for a sheep?

    Yeah this is beautiful, I agree. Definitely one of my favourite styles of 3d Art.

    Whoa, I'd play this game if I had these pieces. Brilliant.

    Also, does the 3D printer print in colour? That'd be really impressive!

    How many would you need for the full set?

      Wool (Sheep), Wood, Brick, Ore, Grain, Gold (for one of the expansion packs), Desert (where the thief starts), Water.

      So, 8 it would seem

        isn't a standard set something like
        - 1x desert
        - 3x mountain (ore)
        - 3x clay pit (brick)
        - 4x plains (sheep)
        - 4x field (wheat)
        - 4x forest (wood)

        so 19 for a standard 2-4 player game?
        (and I think 37 for 5-6 players if my maths is right)

        gold fields are from the Seafarers expansion and the volcano is I think from one of the mini-expansion/variants in the Traders & Barbarians set.

        suffice to say the official 3D collector's edition might be cheaper and more practical since that also comes in a fancy chest with the 3D playing pieces and Cities & Knights expansion as well as a full standard set of 3D terrain tiles... whereas you could easily spend a grand or so here if you wanted enough pieces for playable expanded games >.<

        ...though these could also be pretty cool bases to build little village dioramas on top of :)

          but yeah I think there are 8 on that site if you were after just one of each for display purposes

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