Seven Reports on R18+, NSW AG Greg Smith Wants Grand Theft Auto ‘Banned’

Seven Reports on R18+, NSW AG Greg Smith Wants Grand Theft Auto ‘Banned’

Despite the fact that NSW Attorney General Greg Smith voted in favour of an R18+ for video games after the last SCAG meeting in July, in a report featured on Seven news last night, he claimed that he wants games like Grand Theft Auto IV banned.

Asides from the fact that the report on Seven was a strangely one-sided piece of reporting, the fact that Greg Smith, an Attorney General has clearly had some impact on the updated guidelines, is appealing for games that are currently classified under MA15+ to be banned, despite agreeing to some form of R18+ rating is a little worrying.

We’re currently trying to contact his office for more information on his stance. More news as we get it.


  • So what the fuck is the point of the R18+ classification then?

    Greg Smith, you’re a fucking retard.
    Jim Wallace, you don’t exist. Piss off.

      • if he is against games that are already out then he is against any future games that could have similarity’s.

        I love how they used footage of the hot coffee mod though.

        Even though that is no longer in the game and they got into shit for having it there in the first place.

  • Oh for the love of f*cking god.

    Hot coffee is going to haunt the gaming genre here until the end of time isn’t it.

    • *Phone rings.*

      Hello? … Yes? … Early 2000s? … No, sorry, I cannot return your dated incident. There are people out there that have not attended New Years Eve in about a decade….

    • I was at the ALRC focus group discussing the classification review, and Hot Coffee was shown. The general response? Eh, it’s a game, and it looks more cheesy than offensive. A feeling shared by a wide demographic, including people aged over 40.

      People aren’t as offended as the politicians obviously.

  • Oh boy, here we go again with sensationalism rubbish and wasting more screen time on Wallace.

    You just got to shake you head in wonder how Wallace can play ignorance over how the Oslo masacure is not about games but that sick man’s Fundamental Christianity Ideals.

    • Its not about either. The guy was crazy. The disconnect is how Wallace cherry-picks the murderer’s manifesto to support his position when there is so much content in the same manuscript that decries it.

  • Ok, I’m seriously getting annoyed with that prostitution example that they ALWAYS use! They always talk about how that is the objective for the majority of games, that it is the only thing you do in the game and even still use that whole “you earn points” despite the fact that games haven’t been using them since the arcades.

  • 7 should not be allowed to make any article pertaining to the R18+ debate or Video Game Violence. the fact that 95% of the article’s they release on the topic borderline on sensationalist fearmongering garbage with little to no actual retort from the gaming industry.

    I honestly feel for all the times Seamus had to endure trying to talk reason to these jackasses

  • “Asides from the fact that the report on Seven was a strangely one-sided piece of reporting…”
    You obviously don’t watch a lot of Seven News.

  • Oh why do i stop myself from swearing online… I really want to let fly right now…

    There will still BE a RC classification option… even with the R18.

    If a game can not fit under the criteria, then make it RC. If it fits R18, then leave it at that.. how can you say the R18 does not go far enough… that is not the end you *Y($#*(YRY$(*W#&@(*YE(#@&E*(#$@)^($^^…

    All of a sudden I am a serial killer and a prostitute killer just because i enjoy entertainment with adult themes… just like movies that I have been watching for the last 15-20 years with the same themes.

    I hate everyone…

    Hang on a second.. this is the reaction they want. This is just like ACA or today tonight ‘news’ in that its entire purpose is to piss you off and make you yell at the TV… Now I feel stupid.

    You know what, if its banned I will buy it from UK or pirate it… then they can do another feature on the loss of Aussie jobs because the gaming retail industry is shrinking!!!!!

  • So we should now reclassify all existing titles, not just games, once the new classifications come in? Is this what he is saying? I can’t see the flash article because I need FlashPlayer 11 and I am at work.

    The difference between these muppets and the people who sit on the actual classification board is that they have no idea about the details of the games they are wanting banned. They hear a little gossip about the game, hear it sensationalised in an emotional dialogue that makes the facts of the game seem stronger than it actually is. The experience is subjective, the game is objective.

    The classification board members are generally impartial and objective but they are forced to work within a system, a system we know is outdated and lopsided, but they have done a pretty good so far..

  • Once again, clueless politicians using GTA as the go-to game, because they really don’t know anything, hence the reason we’ve been waiting so long to get an R18 rating in the first place.

  • People… honestly calm down

    We *are* talking about a Today Tonight report here. I mean honestly who the heck believes most of the crap from these “current affair” style reports anymore from commercial channels (well besides stuff from the Project =D). I consider most shows like these as equal to watching 30 mins of US version of Fox News… a great way to reducing your IQ! A majority of crap from “exposes” like these usually involve a lot of editing and selective quoting.

    I am seriously hoping our Syd AG can get a proper response out ASAP on that report because honestly.. GTA? geebus that game has been out fer freaking donkeys years already. This is tantamount to thread necromancy on forums.

    • Who believes TT? Plebs – and they make up the majority of the voting public.

      I doubt many have seen the recent Media Watch report on TT. In fact, I would bet most people that watch TT are even unaware ABC exists.

    • Try watching Today Tonight as a comedy! You really cant make that shit up, its hilarious, because they’re dead serious:)

    • You reckon if we all copy pasted and changed our names 7 would get the picture of what morons they are!

      This “report” if you can even call it that was borderline slanderous, calling all gamers degenerates who kill prostitutes.

      F**k Jim Wallace, F**k Greg Smith, I hope those two are ruined by their love affair with each other leaking out into the open.

  • Is there anyway I can retract my vote for this state government??!

    This guy is a complete joke. When he delayed voting on the R18 issues earlier this year, I shot him a carefully worded, yet angry email. Months later, when he backflipped and signed off on R18, his office had the nerve to reply to my email (4 months later) and basically say “We don’t know what you’re getting worked up about, AG Smith has backed R18”.

    I am sick and tired of this guy and all the politicians like him. Doesn’t matter who you vote for, Labor or Liberal… they are all the same. Power to the powerful, and to hell with the people. Australia has become a two party Tag-team dictatorship.

  • I don’t know what you’re all getting worked up about. This doesn’t change anything for the R18+ rating and one man can’t ban a game, especially a game like GTA V, the gaming industry won’t tolerate it.

  • GOD-DAMN IT. Nevermind it’s a CHOICE to gun down a prostitute, assuming you can even DO IT in the Australian Versions.

    Because I know when *I* murder protitutes in real life, it’s just so I can get an errection, not because I played GTA!


    • Today Tonight will quote your comment seriously in 3… 2… 1…

      Watch ABC and SBS people! Stop giving media-trash the power.

  • Holy hell. Really? When all else fails, just blame GTA. Fuck me, and here I was believing we’d made some progress (no matter how small) in the last ten years. I guess CoD’s been the scapegoat of recent times, and with the announcement of GTAV, enter the retards ‘OMG WE FORGOT ABOUT THAT EVIL GAME. SURELY IT IS STILL RESPONSIBLE FOR THE CORRUPTION OF OUR YOUTH AND THE DOWNFALL OF SOCIETY AS A WHOLE.’

    Quick! To the biased and uninformed news report mobile! We must instill unreasonable panic in the masses! Their livelihoods are at stake!

    • One person says something and all of a sudden we’re making no progress?

      One person’s statement in no way reflects the majority.

      • I think an AG with a say on these matters isn’t just ‘a person’. Also, Channel Seven reporting on it is also a little more than ‘a person’.

        I’m sure you know as well as I do how much impact even one person’s opinion (particularly one in a position of authority or ‘knowledge) can have on the uninformed masses when it comes to these things.

  • OK, seriously, it doesn’t matter.

    The AG is clearly attempting to appease some of his constituents who have complained about his R18 stance, so he appears on some show that only they watch and say what they want to hear.


  • Everyone is rebelling, Kids are looking up porn, People are hurting others, People bully others. WAIT ITS VIDEO GAEMZZ! Yes we will use the *blame everyone but ourselves strategy it seems to work well* F***wits.

  • ugh!… They bring up Anders and MW2 again, in a 1,500 page Manifesto there is 1 single line about video games… 1 god damn line, the other 1,499.95 pages are about other things…. In that case, I want religion banned as it causes brain washing, child molestation and religious zealots who go on killing sprees.

    • Can we just ban religion anyway. Its instrumental in the dumbening im sure. I am sure i could find some crazy channel 31 show to push my views *nods*

  • I’m beyond this crap now, I’ll just import. Seriously, everyone is complaining that online shopping from overseas is killing the Australian market. Well, idiots, you are doing it to yourselves.

    • +1
      Yep we all know the contingency plan if a game gets banned, especially if it’s GTA V, import the crap out of it.
      Such a loss for game retailers if this were to happen. *readies ozgameshop for 2012 release*

      • I wonder if eBay and Play4Me have sales figures on how much Australia has lost out on (both in GST and revenue to game shops) just on Left 4 Dead 2. Might be able to make some nice projections on what will be lost out on from GTAV.

        I bought Left 4 Dead 2 from the UK, sheerly because I got sick and tired of being kicked and banned from online servers and matches because my copy was screwing up the spawns and thus ruining the game.

        (I did order Mass Effect 3 at a local shop, but that’s because I want the Collector’s Edition and I want my shiny shiny tin and my pretty print and my comic book in physical format. If the CE didn’t have such cool stuff with it, yeah, I’d have waited and gone to Play4Me again.)

  • This is why our censorship (aka “classification”) system is just wrong. There should be no room for “banning” a game. This is a work of fiction, any crimes committed in this work of fiction result in nothing more than thought crime. Politicians should have no say in what people can and can’t consume.

  • I still have an original copy of GTA3 on Ps2 before it was censored … wonder what i would get for it if i tried to sell it.

  • Someone needs to remind this guy that detail wise that Theft Auto isnt really that violent of a game, you CAN run people over, you CAN shoot, blow people up but in the end its a CHOICE and outside the story missions the violence isnt necessary.

    I like the quote from Postal 2 “The game is only as violent as you are” which i think holds up well in both games.

    • I see your point and agree with it, but if you advance that argument too far in public, you open a dangerous door that leads to ‘guns don’t kill people, people kill people.’

      ‘The gun is only as violent as its owner’

      … and all of a sudden our gun laws are called into question and you have bucktoothed hicks shacking up in compounds with semi-automatics and holding innocents hostage and the entire free world crashes down around our ears.

      Much better just to ban the games… or something.

      This isn’t what I think, but I guarantee you someone will put forward this counterargument.

  • Sometimes I hate having to be a core gamer because of the crap people pull out of their asses. The overweight, 40 year old guy living with his mum, stereotypes still persist. Yet not only that we are now, with reports like this being looked at as potential mass murderers.

    I’ve played GTA since the original came out and I was a kid and I have never been in a fight, never been suspended, never committed a crime and I wouldn’t even hurt a fly. Yet it’s unsubstantiated views like this that make me want to punch them all in the face.

  • It’s kinda like asking the dog to get the paper and the dog then going outside, picking up the paper and then tearing it apart.

    R18+ classification? Yes.
    Change rating of some MA15+ games to R18+? No. We’re going to ban them.


  • You know, you don’t always have to kill the prostitute after the sexual favour in GTA. I don’t, and I’m sure many others don’t. The full health regeneration is worth paying for!

  • Am I the only one that saw them showing two young children purposefully playing said videogames?

    I’d say Seven news just lost its credibility, but, then again, it never had any in the first place.


    This just in: Star Wars causes animal cruelty! Quickly, someone get Channel 7 to call the Attourney General and immediately demand that this horrible, violence-inducing series of cult-films be banned from sale!

    Seven’s trying pretty damned hard lately to out-trash Nine on its own Turf. I wonder if that’s to do with their sliding news ratings…


  • According to these stupid old pricks who have extremist Christians licking their assholes out for them, everything but the really long kids storybook called The Bible should be banned.

    • There at plenty of Christian people who support R18+ for the right reason. The ACB publicly supports it, and they’re Catholic Bishops.

      You’re not doing anyone a favour by randomly spewing hate towards Christians based on one extremist, or belittling their faith.

      It’s like theists judging all atheists on the actions of the Rational Response Squad.

        • No problemo.

          I’d hate to see valid arguments discarded because people pick up on tiny things like a rage statement and go to town on it.

          Everyone’s got to keep their arguments tight and focused, otherwise people derail the whole thing – Wallace does it all the bloody time, and it shits me.

  • Seriously if the government cant handle violent video games then what makes it ok for violent movies i mean thats more real then a video game.

    Same goes with porn they dont want porn in video games then first get rid of all the brothels in australia and all the strip clubs and porn shops oh wait thats right the government is full of old farts that cant get a root besides the one at the brothel they need that.

  • I hope he bans it.
    Just think of our badass cred rating when we all just import it.

    Chicks dig a badass after all
    and the bikies will be like “please dont hurt us”

  • Seven ‘News’ makes everyone in the room lose 20 IQ points for ever millisecond it stays on. Thats why I am propsing a ban on it. See what I did there?

  • Also… On the Norway issue, if we’re banning games shouldn’t we ban religion? Religion has caused much more violence than all games combined. Why does no-one point this out?

    • Because it’s a pseudo argument that is proved false by your own logic.

      GTA didn’t inspire people to kill other people, right? It’s just someone who said they were doing it because of GTA, or whichever game they’re trying to blame for their actions.

      Quite a bit of that “immense destruction and death” caused by religions? Not caused by religions, simply people doing things “in the name of religion” despite their actions being the complete antithesis of the views of that religion.

      • Well said, I won’t argue with that. I wasn’t literally calling for a ban on religion just comparing the idea of banning a game based on the fact someone ‘used it for training’ to banning religion because someone ‘did it because of their religious beliefs’. Both fall into play in the Norway issue, yet only the games side ever reached the media. I’m not for banning religion in any way shape or form, I think for a lot of people it’s a marvelous thing. I’m also against banning games for the same reason. In the long run I’d see religion as a much more dangerous part of our world compared to gaming, that just my opinion though, nothing more and nothing less.

  • Anyone else notice the two <10yo kids playing Call of Duty (or something similar)? Why are they publicising bad parenting?

  • As I’ve been saying, we won’t see the introduction of the new classification system – the pollies will keep finding ways to stall because they either don’t understand the issue or are under pressure from the conservatives to ensure this never actually enters into legislation.

    • As long as these religious lobbies can bribe the media and pollies, we will never see an R18+ rating. This is why religion should be completely abolished from politics. It has too much influence over the parliament and it has absolutely no place in it. The fact that some arrogant, blind religious clown can dictate what a few million people can see and play is just preposterous.

      We’ve had petitions with hundreds of thousands of signatures and surveys that show overwhelming support for the R18+ rating sent to the pollies (which for the record was a fair while ago) and we’re still going nowhere. These lobbyist groups pay off our AGs so they delay this on purpose. If they had no incentive to delay it, they would have passed it by now.

      As long as the AGs get their big fat paycheck courtesy of Channel Seven and the ACL, that’s all that matters. I wish the ACL would all just jump off a cliff. Maybe they’ll think they can fly, given their backwards logic. They’re like our version of the Westboro Baptist Church.

  • The part that always bothers me about bringing up GTA in all this high horse crap is that Australians LOVE crime. From Ned Kelly to Chopper, Australians love criminals. Look at Underbelly, Animal Kingdom, etc. If Vice City was a book set in Sydney it would be a best seller.
    I’d love to see a Today Tonight or Current Affair segment on how these sorts of things are corrupting us. The first response would be ‘well Chopper is rated R18+ and intended for adults… sure it’s appeared on free-to-air TV at 8:30 plenty of times… but kids are all in bed by then, right?’.

  • Today Tonight is a fucking joke (pardon the french), and has always been a fucking joke. The fact that they use that Norwegian massacre crime as evidence to support their case shows how stupid they truly are. It was a shocking massacre, but it wasn’t caused or even helped along by video games – no, it was the creation of a man who clearly has serious underlying issues. The normal person, after playing GTA wouldn’t go out and start shooting people. People who do go and open fire on innocents aren’t doing it because they’ve seen it in a video game – it’s because they’re tapped in the head.

  • Its a sad sad society we live in where Channel 7 & 9 rule the roost and people believe everything they see on those channels.

    If only more people watched ABC and SBS, channels that educate not mislead.

  • i have to disagree with you on just one point Mark: “one-sided reporting” from Channel 7 isn’t strange anymore.

  • Seriously?
    So sick of the Christian/Catholic, backwards and idiotic people who are in positions of power/running this country.
    Just once, ONCE, I’d appreciate our Government taking one step forwards without some clueless idiot trying to take us forty steps backwards.

  • who cares i’ll just support some other country and secure my copy of the rated R game i want, these pricks in power dont care about us adults having needs in gaming they just thinking about how shit they are as a parent and that they cant stop there kids from playing rated r games cause there parenting is so low that they have no control that’s basically what he is saying (due to shit parenting in this age we will never get a proper R rated classification ) governor you are a dick

  • So if we watch films and TV shows that promotes drugs, sex and violence. That’s ok to the politicians and the news media. but if we play games that involves the same its an abomination of god. The worst thing is people agree with it and dont realize how f*d up it sounds.

  • I agree 100% with this dude, they should all be banned. Start with consoles first. Kids should be outside riding bicycles and kicking balls around instead of sitting in front of those machines. After consoles, ban computers from the home. No one should have access to computer games at all. It’s the only way to curb violence in this world. Im glad that Greg Smith finally has the guts to take over from where Atkinson left off. Too many computer games and fat children murdering each other in foreign countries. The madness must stop.

  • I love how it’s been over ten years, and GTA is still the go to game for arguments for violence in games…

    Seriously, there are worse games, GTA is still bad, and should definitely be R18+, but banned? Seriously?

  • Oh come on, it’s nowhere near as bad as AFL. And people GLORIFY that violent game! Now I’m not one to stop people from playing games that they enjoy, but there are actual games out there that actually injure people!

    And this guy is worried about video games?!

  • “He doesn’t JUST(important word here) want an R18+ rating but a complete ban”
    Doesn’t that f*cking idiot realise that would be doing gamers a favor by bringing in an R18+ rating then we can play all the bad games uncensored, and he wants a complete ban, that’s what already happening, that’s the bloody problem… Idoits with power is a real problem… And the worst thing is these people are too old to know how to program the clock on their damn VCR’s and they think they control our technology…that’s why I import because of our backwards ass rating system…Call me when they get a clue

  • How come they’re allowed to show MA15+ material in that timeslot? And it’s all clips. No context. How come the authorities don’t care about that? They’re subjecting underage kids to violent content without even warning the parents.

  • Banning games? is this nazi germany?
    Greg Smith should be jailed for treason, he is a attorney general not a dictator

  • So….Modern Warfare 2 sells 20 million copies (and is played by even more poeple), 1 guy in Norway loses his mind. And it’s the game’s fault?

    Btw, anybody who claims a game prepares you to fire a real weapon has never fired a real weapon.

  • The shooter in Norway may have used COD to ‘train’ but the used the Bible as his entire motive for the massacre. A fact that this Christian poser keeps leaving out.

  • If I ever get elected into politics I will fix this. Wow, the ignorance of some of the older generations. How can we claim that we have representative government when we are not represented?

  • What this guy wants to do, is reduce violance etc accross the board by changing MA15 to R. and banning games that dont falling into the R ratting. There will still be a MA in most states. But effective I think most MA titles will become R. And any that are R NOW will stay banned as they exceed there standards for the proposed R rating. In the end I dont belive we are ever going to get what we want. So yeah, Im over it all. No point even asking for it anymore becuase they will just dress it up and say well we gave you what you want and your still not happy?

  • i’m very sad this video seems to no longer work, as this was my daily dose of stupidity, proof that humans suck.

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