Seven Reports on R18+, NSW AG Greg Smith Wants Grand Theft Auto 'Banned'

Despite the fact that NSW Attorney General Greg Smith voted in favour of an R18+ for video games after the last SCAG meeting in July, in a report featured on Seven news last night, he claimed that he wants games like Grand Theft Auto IV banned.

Asides from the fact that the report on Seven was a strangely one-sided piece of reporting, the fact that Greg Smith, an Attorney General has clearly had some impact on the updated guidelines, is appealing for games that are currently classified under MA15+ to be banned, despite agreeing to some form of R18+ rating is a little worrying.

We're currently trying to contact his office for more information on his stance. More news as we get it.



      That's my response as well.

      Muppets this stupid arseholes. Guess we're fucked then

    Blood beginning to boil....must restrain self.....arghhhhh

    So what the fuck is the point of the R18+ classification then?

    Greg Smith, you're a fucking retard.
    Jim Wallace, you don't exist. Piss off.

      Further proof the people with power in this country are morons.

        Just further proof people in general are morons

      Maybe it means he wants current games to be taken off shelves, not ban future ones.

        if he is against games that are already out then he is against any future games that could have similarity's.

        I love how they used footage of the hot coffee mod though.

        Even though that is no longer in the game and they got into shit for having it there in the first place.

    Oh for the love of f*cking god.

    Hot coffee is going to haunt the gaming genre here until the end of time isn't it.

      *Phone rings.*

      Hello? ... Yes? ... Early 2000s? ... No, sorry, I cannot return your dated incident. There are people out there that have not attended New Years Eve in about a decade....

      I was at the ALRC focus group discussing the classification review, and Hot Coffee was shown. The general response? Eh, it's a game, and it looks more cheesy than offensive. A feeling shared by a wide demographic, including people aged over 40.

      People aren't as offended as the politicians obviously.

    Oh boy, here we go again with sensationalism rubbish and wasting more screen time on Wallace.

    You just got to shake you head in wonder how Wallace can play ignorance over how the Oslo masacure is not about games but that sick man's Fundamental Christianity Ideals.

      Its not about either. The guy was crazy. The disconnect is how Wallace cherry-picks the murderer's manifesto to support his position when there is so much content in the same manuscript that decries it.

        nah I had a pretty good read of it. It was pretty heavy on the christian ideals.


      flip tables

        (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

        (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

        Nope, that didn't work for me. Looks like I'll just have to go on a violent killing spree. Anyone know where I can find a tank around Brisbane? Just tell me the cheat code to put into my phone.

          Ring the Australian defence force on 13 19 01 & ask to borrow a tank. I’m sure they’ll lend one to you!

      They are forcing your hand here, without an outlet for your violent tendancies you'll have to take to the streets.

      They could have stop this...*shakes head*

    Facepalm worthy. This is the reason why I don't watch TV anymore.

    Ok, I'm seriously getting annoyed with that prostitution example that they ALWAYS use! They always talk about how that is the objective for the majority of games, that it is the only thing you do in the game and even still use that whole "you earn points" despite the fact that games haven't been using them since the arcades.

      The whole “points” thing always made me cringe too! Don't forget the term “god mode” being used out of context too!

      And pacman is clearly about promoting drugs. It should be banned too.

    7 should not be allowed to make any article pertaining to the R18+ debate or Video Game Violence. the fact that 95% of the article's they release on the topic borderline on sensationalist fearmongering garbage with little to no actual retort from the gaming industry.

    I honestly feel for all the times Seamus had to endure trying to talk reason to these jackasses

    "Asides from the fact that the report on Seven was a strangely one-sided piece of reporting..."
    You obviously don't watch a lot of Seven News.

    Oh why do i stop myself from swearing online... I really want to let fly right now...

    There will still BE a RC classification option... even with the R18.

    If a game can not fit under the criteria, then make it RC. If it fits R18, then leave it at that.. how can you say the R18 does not go far enough... that is not the end you *Y($#*(YRY$(*W#&@(*YE(#@&E*(#[email protected])^($^^...

    All of a sudden I am a serial killer and a prostitute killer just because i enjoy entertainment with adult themes... just like movies that I have been watching for the last 15-20 years with the same themes.

    I hate everyone...

    Hang on a second.. this is the reaction they want. This is just like ACA or today tonight 'news' in that its entire purpose is to piss you off and make you yell at the TV... Now I feel stupid.

    You know what, if its banned I will buy it from UK or pirate it... then they can do another feature on the loss of Aussie jobs because the gaming retail industry is shrinking!!!!!

      Problem is many current MA15+ games are R rated in other countries.

    So we should now reclassify all existing titles, not just games, once the new classifications come in? Is this what he is saying? I can't see the flash article because I need FlashPlayer 11 and I am at work.

    The difference between these muppets and the people who sit on the actual classification board is that they have no idea about the details of the games they are wanting banned. They hear a little gossip about the game, hear it sensationalised in an emotional dialogue that makes the facts of the game seem stronger than it actually is. The experience is subjective, the game is objective.

    The classification board members are generally impartial and objective but they are forced to work within a system, a system we know is outdated and lopsided, but they have done a pretty good so far..

    Once again, clueless politicians using GTA as the go-to game, because they really don't know anything, hence the reason we've been waiting so long to get an R18 rating in the first place.

    People... honestly calm down

    We *are* talking about a Today Tonight report here. I mean honestly who the heck believes most of the crap from these "current affair" style reports anymore from commercial channels (well besides stuff from the Project =D). I consider most shows like these as equal to watching 30 mins of US version of Fox News... a great way to reducing your IQ! A majority of crap from "exposes" like these usually involve a lot of editing and selective quoting.

    I am seriously hoping our Syd AG can get a proper response out ASAP on that report because honestly.. GTA? geebus that game has been out fer freaking donkeys years already. This is tantamount to thread necromancy on forums.

      Who believes TT? Plebs - and they make up the majority of the voting public.

      I doubt many have seen the recent Media Watch report on TT. In fact, I would bet most people that watch TT are even unaware ABC exists.

      Try watching Today Tonight as a comedy! You really cant make that shit up, its hilarious, because they're dead serious:)

    So, are we going to bombard Seven with letters about what they did wrong?

    The Grow Up Australia twitter posted a pretty good example here from Geordie Guy:

      You reckon if we all copy pasted and changed our names 7 would get the picture of what morons they are!

      This "report" if you can even call it that was borderline slanderous, calling all gamers degenerates who kill prostitutes.

      F**k Jim Wallace, F**k Greg Smith, I hope those two are ruined by their love affair with each other leaking out into the open.

    Oh ffs, not this alarmist bullshit again.

    And here we go again... GTA, everybody panic!

    Anyone hear Ray Hadley this morning? haha

    Is there anyway I can retract my vote for this state government??!

    This guy is a complete joke. When he delayed voting on the R18 issues earlier this year, I shot him a carefully worded, yet angry email. Months later, when he backflipped and signed off on R18, his office had the nerve to reply to my email (4 months later) and basically say "We don't know what you're getting worked up about, AG Smith has backed R18".

    I am sick and tired of this guy and all the politicians like him. Doesn't matter who you vote for, Labor or Liberal... they are all the same. Power to the powerful, and to hell with the people. Australia has become a two party Tag-team dictatorship.

    I don't know what you're all getting worked up about. This doesn't change anything for the R18+ rating and one man can't ban a game, especially a game like GTA V, the gaming industry won't tolerate it.

    I <3 Mark Serrels

    GOD-DAMN IT. Nevermind it's a CHOICE to gun down a prostitute, assuming you can even DO IT in the Australian Versions.

    Because I know when *I* murder protitutes in real life, it's just so I can get an errection, not because I played GTA!


      Today Tonight will quote your comment seriously in 3... 2... 1...

      Watch ABC and SBS people! Stop giving media-trash the power.

    Holy hell. Really? When all else fails, just blame GTA. Fuck me, and here I was believing we'd made some progress (no matter how small) in the last ten years. I guess CoD's been the scapegoat of recent times, and with the announcement of GTAV, enter the retards 'OMG WE FORGOT ABOUT THAT EVIL GAME. SURELY IT IS STILL RESPONSIBLE FOR THE CORRUPTION OF OUR YOUTH AND THE DOWNFALL OF SOCIETY AS A WHOLE.'

    Quick! To the biased and uninformed news report mobile! We must instill unreasonable panic in the masses! Their livelihoods are at stake!

      One person says something and all of a sudden we're making no progress?

      One person's statement in no way reflects the majority.

        I think an AG with a say on these matters isn't just 'a person'. Also, Channel Seven reporting on it is also a little more than 'a person'.

        I'm sure you know as well as I do how much impact even one person's opinion (particularly one in a position of authority or 'knowledge) can have on the uninformed masses when it comes to these things.

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