Show And Tell: Milieu Games

Welcome to Show and Tell, our regular feature where we speak with indie devs about what projects they’re working on and what they’ll be releasing soon. This week we have Milieu Games, a group of students from Qantm Sydney, discussing their project A Knight's Quarter.

Can you introduce your self and tell me a little bit about your studio? Milieu Games is a team consisting of myself, programmer and modeller and designer, Alex Franco, our level designer and Zac Elawar designer/project manager. We formed five months ago to collaborate on our major project for our degree, a Bachelor of Interactive Entertainment at Qantm Sydney. I have been wanting to make games for many, many years and have been in an out of various industries over time. At one point I decided to go back to University and follow the dream, making games.

What game are you working on at the moment? Currently we are working on A Night's Quarter. It is an ambient puzzle/adventure game developed in UDK. A Night's Quarter follows the tale of the shade, a shadow desperately seeking to manifest into a material form before the Sun, its nemesis and captor, rises the next day. If it fails it will be banished back to the shadows forever. The Shade must utilise shadows to find a path across the world else face being destroyed when moving into the light.

The game will take place across the 12 hours of the night and each level will be one of those hours set in a different location such as Highway or Nightclub. The level that we have been working on is the first, named Farm. It is designed to be a reinforcement tutorial level after the initial basic tutorial. The other levels will each take place in a locale

Currently this project is at a basic alpha stage. While most of the gameplay mechanics are locked down, improvements to gameplay are intended. There will be more enemies of differing types, heaps of new tricky puzzles and challenging shadow timing puzzles and much more.

Where and when can we play? At the moment the game is still in initial development, and due to the scope of the game it is difficult to pin down a specific date, however we are hoping to have the game ready within a year.

What’s next for your studio — any big plans? Our plans for the time being are to finish off the other levels and get A Night's Quarter complete and out the door. If the game is successful we would definitely be opening a studio to make as many games as possible. I have many game ideas that I would like to see made into fully fledged titles and want to share them with as many people as possible.

Any words of advice for those who want to get into the games industry? My word of advice is, just get to it! It is easy to sit around thinking of cool ideas to implement, but if you don't actually make anything of those ideas, then you're not going to get anywhere.

In addition, good training is also really helpful, I can't over emphasise the benefit of formal training at a University. It is incredibly helpful to learn industry standards and get a well rounded overview of the games industry. Couple this with great industry contacts and support and its a winning combination.

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      Sublte loops. Real subtle :)

        Subtle is my middle name - and i would like to get peopel hwo don't visit tay on board too

    very cool concept, keep working on it as it looks very neat.

    Look's interesting, watching the vid it took me a while to work out why you were blocking the roads at the start

    Lovely art style that is certainly memorable. My only concern with it would be that it could become a irritating with the equivalent of jumping puzzles as you try to stay in the moving shade

    Good work so far and good luck

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