Show And Tell: Swing Interactive

Welcome to Show and Tell, our regular feature where we speak with indie devs about what projects they’re working on and what they’ll be releasing soon. This week we're talking to Swing Interactive about its work on upcoming title Whisperous.

Can you introduce your self and tell me a little bit about your studio? I am Nina Nikolic, a student at QANTM College and project manager of SwingInteractive. At QANTM we are required to undertake a final game project that is run as a studio simulation. We founded the company to give our game project professional public appeal as we believe that player feedback is an essential part of our design process.

What game are you working on at the moment? Whisperous is a 2.5D platformer intended for console gaming systems. In the game, players take control of a little fellow called Lumo, whom is the bringer of daylight in his native world. Players can interact with their environment, attracting and repelling particles and objects in order to transverse, explore and re-energise the world with light.

Where and when can we play? Our game is currently playable online and available for download from A play pad or controller with dual joysticks is highly recommended! (PS3 with accompanying software, official X-Box controller, etc.) We've found that most children adore the game. So if you have any kids, get them involved!

What's next for your studio? Any big plans? We have no plans for the moment. We will be wrapping up our course at QANTM in the next couple of weeks. Any future plans depends on where most of our team ends up and some legal stuff we need to figure out! :)

Any words of advice for those who want to get into the games industry? Work hard, persevere, network your butt off and get to know the industry inside out so that you can evaluate opportunities that are best suited for you and where you want to take your career in the future.


    I tried this at Freeplay a few months ago, was pretty cool stuff, loved the art style :)

    My friend Duncan is their lead program and this game is pretty fricken sweet...

    this has come a long way! good job Nina and to the rest of your crew. I like the visual style and gameplay idea

    Oh god that jump looks horrid. Cool look though.

      constructive criticism is always best in any forum... If you don't like it, explain why instead of giving one word non explanatory comments.

    Well done to Swing interactive for creating a truly beautiful gaming experience. I'm loving the environments and backdrops!
    Looking forward to having a play of this next time you guys are in. :)

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