Show Me Your Dovahkiin. I Want To See It.

Dovahkiin. Sounds saucy, but as those eyeball-deep in Skyrim will tell you, it's also the label handed out to the hero of the game. It means "Dragonborn", and like any other Elder Scrolls game, it's about the only thing everyone's character will have in common.

Some people roll male. Others female. Some roll Nord, or Imperial, or Redguard. They might go blonde, they might go ginger. They'll favour magic, or prefer smashing people's heads open with sharp/heavy things.

Basically, everyone's character will be different. Which means it'll be interesting to see what everyone's come up with. So...let's see them!

Show me your Dovahkiin. Leave him or her in the comments section below. If you're on PC, take a screengrab! If you're on console, take a photo! And when you do, don't just dump a photo. Tell us their name, how you rolled, how you're playing, etc. Because that's likely to be as interesting as the face you came up with.

To get things started, you can see my strapping Nord up top, modelled on the most appropriate man I could think of for a game like this: High on Fire's Matt Pike.

His name is Thalgrin. And Thalgrin cares not for magic. He cares for giant swords, and likes to see the whites of an enemy's eyes before he runs them through.


    No photo, but i rolled a male redguard with a massive mohawk. Decided to be a battle mage in heavy armour, deal heavy damage with the flame spell from my left hand then get up close with my sword in the right to finish them off.

    I seem to be having a problem here with nefarious acts occuring between my Dovahkiin and a NPC...

      Hey genius, how about a little nsfw warning on the url that link goes to, some people read this at work. ffs

    Nord Spartan with Dwarvin Armour.
    Need a spear though...

    Tyrion the Dark Elf, with some badass tattoos. Seriously though, the fire resistance is helpful against those pesky dragons. Mostly dealing in heavy armour and one-handed, with destruction in there for good measure. I also have a fair bit of experience in archery. I mostly dispatch enemies with dual-wielding blades and Elemental Fury, when I need it, but I also switch the secondary blade with a shield or lightning/firebolt for some enemies.

      Does he have a soft spot for cripples, bastards and broken things?

        Somebody bring this man a beer!
    This is Makan, Dark Elven Assassin. Uses poison bows to take down opponents from afar. Member of Thieves Guild and aspiring to join the Dark Brotherhood. Still sitting on the fence regarding the Civil War.

    Still waiting on my preorder to arrive. :( Its horrible. Ive decided on making a wood elf assassin though. If my bows dont take them out my poisoned dual daggers will! The wait is killing me.

    Heyyyyy slow down, buddy!
    You know my rule!
    Dinner and a show first!

    Oh dear, I don't remember my character's name! Ehehe. Oh well. Here's my dunmer archer/mage, who dabbles in thievery (enough to get into the Thieves Guild anyway). She's also a werewolf, but is hoping for a cure to come up later... She's going to support the Imperials.

    I'm thinking that later I will make a Nord who will support the stormcloaks, and be more melee oriented.

      Hah forgot the screenshot.

      Actually, I'm having a problem doing the thieves guild quests. I feel too much like a bad guy! The thieves in Oblivion felt more like a steal from the rich give to the poor kind of operation, whereas I'm not sure I can happily shut down honest businesses cos my boss doesn't like them...

    Quite a few dunmer so far. No beast races, no Bosmer?

    I'm still letting my wallet recover after a few purchases, so it will be some time before I get Skyrim.

    Khajiit. Light Armour, Longsword, dagger, shields, bows, lockpicker, Smith, Sneak, trader...I gota get back

    No pic, but this is my first TES game and i have a white loinman by the name of aslan to test the game with, then will have a serous playthrough

    Tried to take a pic, but it doesn't really show much... she blends into pretty much any background. Looks pretty much exacly like

    Female Dunmer rogue/mage combo (with a weird penchant for heavy armour that I didn't fix early enough), dual wielding any of Blades sword, Nightingale blade and firebolt, wearing full Nightingale armour. Lowering her hood reveals a young face, with a bright red left eye and a blinded white right eye, black braided hair (couldn't find a ponytail for some reason), and claw-marks along her right cheek. Goes by the name of Elen'diin.

    Pretty much my default TES character, with a few scars from her ordeals in Morrowind and Cyrodil in the last few games.

    Aegar, the 7ft tall Nord monster, black locks, black beard, all badass. Dual wielding whatever he damn well wants, don't get in his way. Supporter of no faction in the civil war, Aegar is Dovahkiin, and has one purpose in life, dragon slaying.

    Arwyn, a light-armored blonde female Breton with a destruction + one-handed combo, and some light marksman thrown in there. Currently got full elven gear, which was custom-made. I'll post a screen later.

      Pic here:
    My character is a female Dunmer battlemage. Specializing in Heavy Armour, One Handed, Block, Conjuration and Alteration, in battle I generally cast Bound Sword, Iron Flesh and Conjure Dremora Lord, then duke it out with my (summoned) sword and shield.

    Agelya & Party sans pet Dragon. I'm fairly sure that's about the most potent bunch you can get short of skilling up enchanting & smithing to 100. My companion can summon a flame atronach. I can summon a Dremora. My horse is pretty potent and my character istelf is war-painted mohawked female wood elf with full ebony armour & bow all upped to epic. I played through the main arc, mages, companions and dark brotherhood stories and quite a few side quests with about 54 hours logged on steam. The game feels kind of beaten now since I can't find anything that really provides a challenge even with difficulty on high. Does anyone have any idea where to find daedra to fight?

      Got a snap of the pet dragon in action. This fort took ~30 seconds to clear. Hence needing some tougher opponents...

    My characters an amnesiac, his first memories are from the carriage ride into Helgen. For that purpose, his name is simply Prisoner, and he's finding himself. He does his best to do good, where others can't, freeing prisoners who've been captured unjustly, just like he was. Primary sword and shield user, with a warhammer for the big guys, and a War Axe (dual weild) for a lot of guys. Uses a bow for initial sneaky hits, then obliterates with his sword. Uses Destruction magic when it's called for. Bit snarky. Bit of a smart arse. But always trying to do good. Hates. Bandits.

    There's my Nord named Gid. He hasn't done much of consequence yet short of killing a couple of dragons and being told off by the guards and Whiterun for constant use of Whirldwind Sprint. He's scarred, he's grumpy looking, and he's got the bowl haircut thing happening.

    Then there's my Khajiit named Ma'lin. He's joined the Dark Brotherhood, the Thieves Guild, the Companions and the Bard's College. He's a real joiner. Doesn't hurt that he's taken down a couple of dragons himself and can now breathe fire. He's a real softie, cute as a button as only a kitty can be, ya know? At least until he slides his dagger between your ribs. He IS an assassin afterall. :)

    Both prefer the dual wielding option with the occasional flame thrower hand and both stepped on the trigger of that swinging door spike thing even though they both knew the trigger was there.. Neither died from it however.

    Here is some pictures of my Redguard. Skilled in both sneak and assassinations as well as brute force two handing. About 30 hours in.

    Made the tumblr for a mate who doesn't have the game yet and wanted to see some pictures.

      Bad link woops ,

    Loktharian, A powerful elemental mage. He Is a master of destruction magic, and has little to no moral compass, when your that poweful who needs one? Dragons are a joke before him, and have little chance aginst his magic.

    I honestly think he could take 3 dragons at once with ease in his current state (mana potions willing). I think I will go melee for my next character as being a master in desruction makes the game a joke on Hard.

    Loktharian with mask -
    Without mask -

    My wife and I play a Khajit thief/hunter named Pax. He aspires to be an assassin... He looks like a snow leopard. : )

    This is Sa'renjii. Khajiit thief. Proficient in bows, blades, light armour smithing and dabbles in enchantment. He wears glass armour at the moment but I always think leather looks best don't you? Has made several allies over his travels but it's housecarl Lydia who is always by his side.

      It makes me sad that Bethesda made no effort to give companions some good lines and some character development. Lydia has done her share of dragonkilling too!

    I am Arch-mage and leader of the Winterhold College. I have more power in my little finger then you could ever hope to obtain. Stare into the void and know that I am your coming doom. Submit to my will and your passing will be swift.

      I love when its bugs out like that :D awesome pic

    Aeron is a middle-aged Nord with long dark knots of dirt mixed with hair. He once wore bright red war paint on his left eye, but only a hint of it remains. He's fond of bow hunting and enjoys creeping through catacombs delivering swift and stealthy arrows to the throats of Draugr both undead and dying.
    When things get interesting he wields in his right hand a mighty sword of superior skyforge steel which he has enchanted with the biting damage of northern frosts, and in his left he curls his fingers around a small but hearty flame.

    He has always preferred the hide of his prey to the cold weight of armor, but he has recently found himself taken with a suit of Elven-make that he found in some forgotten tomb. He thinks the mer too arrogant and boastful, and this armor surely reflects that... but he can't argue with its strength.

    (I have no pic :(...)

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