'Significant' Battlefield 3 Patch Coming To PC Next Week

DICE promises that PC Battlefield 3 owners will see a major client update in the coming week, one that offers better stability, weapons balance, polish and other adjustments built on community feedback since the game's Oct. 25 release.

"Plus we're removing the so called "negative mouse acceleration" that some of you have experienced," DICE wrote on its official blog yesterday. Presumably, this patch will also reduce the brightness of tactical flashlights and address the game's notorious XP exploit.

Patches for the game's console versions are being built but, of course, take longer because of Microsoft's and Sony's certification processes, the studio said.

Incoming: Battlefield 3 update! [Battlefield 3 Blog]


    Hurray!!!!!! There is so many max level people now that it's getting ridiculous. There is no way they got that legitimately.

      I disagree, Im almost rank 31 now after clocking up 39hours, how long has the game been out? almost a month? thats alot of hours. assuming by max rank you mean 45, not 45 x 100.

      I don't doubt that many are boosters cos they still have few unlocks and skill but I'm lvl 42 after 63hours so I can see how many are already colonel + multiple stars

      I'm rank 45 after playing 50 hours, and I work full-time and have a full-time gf to deal with as well.

      Pretty easy to get to...

      I'm only rank 9 but I never really had an issue taking on higher ranks you just have to know how to take them out lol ;-P

    Hopefully they add a colour blind option. Being part red-green blind makes telling the difference between enemy or squad member on the mini map very hard

      Your account picture is a chick with red hair and red eye(s)....

    I just noticed that the gun in that screenshot has no sights - like, none at all. How is he aiming it?

    I bump along at about 420-450 score per minute.. doesn't take long to rank up.

    For colonel service star 100 with average score of 300points/min = 1389 hours or 57 days.

    Does anyone know what happens after rank 45, to gain a 1 do you need to go through the 45 again similar to CODs prestige or do you gain the 1 by gaining rank 46?

      pretty sure you gain the 1 by gaining rank 46. Bah going to take me ages to get the Colonel service star 100, though then again, i've been mixing up classes all the time so i dont care lol

      It's a flat 230,000 xp/rank up to service star 100.

    its not significant for me until they get rid of the need to use origin. Srsly its why i havent got the game yet, fuck EA in the ass, even with their billions of dollars DICE should have gone with someone that has respect for games not just profits..

      Get over yourself. Origin is fine. You're the one missing out.

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