Skullgirls Had A Kitty Girl And Her Head Popped Off

Upon first glimpse of Ms Fortune, one of the femme fatales in the upcoming Xbox Live Arcade fighter Skullgirls, I was all "Oh cute, a kitty girl". Then she ripped off her own head and threw it at her opponent.

While we've seen Ms Fortune in action before, this new character highlight video gives us our first look at her without some guy talking over it, ruining everything. Isn't she adorable?

You'll notice the obvious jokes are missing from this post. I'm leaving that up to you folks. Don't let me down.


    This game looks so great, think it will do really well in the fighting game community

    hahah nice to see Wolvie's 'Beserker Barrage'

    I thoroughly enjoyed this clip.

    Hmmm cute partially clad anime type girl ... normally it's the gamer that rips the head off.

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