Skyrim Being Sold In Select Stores Across Australia - Street Break Could Be Imminent [Update 2]

We've just gotten off the phone with a store clerk in South Yarra's Big W, Victoria, who has confirmed that they are now selling Skyrim for the PS3 and Xbox 360. Numerous other Targets are also reported to be selling copies of the game ahead of the official release date.

All other specialist retailers are currently standing strong with the Street Date, although there are numerous rumours from several different sources stating that EB plan to start selling at 3pm — presumably they're waiting for all stores to get stock before pulling the plug on the Street Date.

At the moment it definitely appears as though the game is being sold only in select stores across the country — not all Big W stores are selling, and it could be the case that those selling may stop once distributors get wind of the break.

However, we fully expect that all specialist retailers will follow suit at some point today. Stay tuned for updates.

UPDATE: The South Yarra Big W is reportedly no longer selling Skyrim. However, there have been plenty of fresh reports of other mainstream retailers such as KMart selling.

UPDATE 2: Both GAME and EB are now selling across all stores.


    Just break it already FFS!!!!

    Yes please I need my Skyrim fix tonight

    just bought my for 56 dollars, downloading on steam right now

    PC version is steamlocked so breaking street date is irrelevant.

    Of course, but there's a lock on the Big W inventory system so you can't actually BUY it...

    When will kotaku realize that's Oblivion not Skyrim in that picture

      I don't know why I did that. I know! That's twice now! FIXED!

    but the piratres have had it all week i am literally afraid to go onto 4chan because of spoilers

      Yeah, cause that's the main reason to be afraid of going onto 4chan :P

    I've got mine pre-ordered in the City so I won't be picking it up until I go to Uni tomorrow anyway.

      Thanks for the update tristan

        is there some reason you have to be such an arse?

      I lol'd

      Then you can go back to the MCR and come up with a better pretend surname

    Oh, yay. These date breaks aren't good for anyone.

      They work for me.

        I like them

    Why do we even HAVE a street date anymore?


    Oh and I finish work early today! Been on call all week and get off tomorrow - weekend of Skyrim? I think so.

    I'm keen as for this game, but shame on you Australia... at least keep one street date in-tact you bloody idiots!

    I really hope these retail stores get in trouble over this, I'm getting sick of it. Bethesda have picked a great date, worked hard to release the game on time and it all gets shat on by some idiotic retail monkey, followed by the money grubbing of the rest of the retail troop.

      I would expect that people handing over their hard earned money for the product would be recogntion for the hard work put in by Bethesda.

        I actualy give bethesda credit for finally doing worldwide release and its a shame that the game will break the date by a couple of hours but in this day and age the release date should really be the date when the store gets the game in. In most cases your local EB/JB?etc will get the big AAA release in their store a week before its ment to be released

          and if this one does break nationally you can expect this to be the last time Australia is included in a bethesda worldwide launch date

          RAGE and SKYRIM both broken, not good. If only you guys knew....

      Remembrance day is a terrible street date

      You're an idiot, The Netherlands and other European countries have already broken the release date, that is why EB and JB are considering releasing it

      I really don't see how breaking a street date bis bad for the publisher. Its not like people are going to go "Oh Game X is coming out a day early, time to cancel my preorder". Publishers just say its bad and call in the spin doctors to bullshit everyone.

      for true aussies its not the best date as 11th of november is rememberance day so today is better

      Considering Australia get every single game, movie, album days (and sometimes weeks/months) after the US and Europe; and considering we pay way more for our games for no good reason than you guys do ... I couldn't give a flying fuck.

      Cry harder next time.

      Besides it's not like PC versions can unlock until Steam says so.

    I literally just rang them(south yarra big w), and spoke to games, she said its not available, its on sale who did you speak to kotaku???

      Haha, I'm tempted to report this comment :)

      I even mentioned this in the story. It could be shut down already. She even told me she'd sold it, and had told six people to come in and get it already!

      I'd say after this article, she's probably had several dozen calls from people doing exactly what you did and has done a massive backpedal.

    @Jarvgrimr the end result? We get to play earlier.

    Thats all that happens, the whole "bad for the industry" thing is bullshit. Want to lobby against things in retail that hurt games? Fight Pre-owned,

    In other news, I'll be playing this afternoon and I have tomorrow off, all is right with the world.

      @Ivan: Not for those on PC, sadly. I can understand the desire to get it early. I just feel bad for Beth that their aimed plan goes down the shitter for such paltry reasons.
      I don't know the specifics about "bad for the industry" but it certainly isn't helping anything.

      I am against pre-owned titles, very much so. I never get 'em as the money just goes to the middle man. I hate middle men.

      She has lol, said i dont know who told everyone this, everyone is calling for this skyrim thing, its on embargo, we arent selling it, its not on the shop floor etc

    'Bout time. Maybe they can stop that f-ing live action trailer they've played non-stop for two weeks.

    Also heard that EB was planning to start selling this "morning" Perth time. 3PM EST sounds plausible.

    No, breaking street date allows me to play from 9pm tonight. W.A. FTW

    I think we need to stop asking for street date breaks. It's not going to be good in the long run.

    Target are selling them, through an oblivion gate. They are popping up everywhere!

      And that checkout chic with the spider body told me it was just a halloween costume...

    hmmm and 11:11:11 was such a brilliant date

    Just rang EBGames in Launceston Tas and they have no word of a street break yet

    I doubt that the Eastgardens GAME would break the street date. Though I will leave on the first bus if they did.

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