Skyrim Creators Miss Opportunity To Make Hilarious Joke

You can't buy Skyrim yet. But you can buy Skyrim things for a virtual Xbox 360 avatar to wear or stand near.

As of today, you can spend $US4 on a mage robe or $US3 for a dragon prop. There's a bunch more, all ranging from $US3-$5, all testing whether your enthusiasm for the big Nov. 11 Elder Scrolls game exceeds that ancient human reflex to not spend a few bucks on dress-up items for a virtual doll. This is a serious internal debate that Skyrim fans must have with themselves.

But it could have been funny. This Avatar item sale could have been something other than the serious business it clearly is.

The makers of Skyrim could have charged $US4 to give your Avatar something really special, something that many people bought for the previous Elder Scrolls game. They could have started selling the thing that every Avatar needs, that most notorious of $US4 pieces of downloadable content, first sold in 2006 for The Elder Scrolls IV:Oblivion: horse armour. Horse armour for your Avatar.

A pity that they didn't.

New Skyrim Avatar items and Premium Theme now Xbox LIVE [Bethesda Blog]


    You need to be able to buy a dragon that has one beefy arm coming out of it's back.

      Consumet v's for the spinetys and teeth

      and then they could animate him burninating the countryside!

      Some wings if he's a little wingaling dragon

    I cant believe MS charges for this and people buy it, sheep I tell you sheep!.

      Agreed. Even though I don't buy the stuff, I get irritated when I see it in the store because its continued presence means someone is! What the hell is wrong with people!

        What's wrong with ppl? Have you got a year or two?
        In a nutshell, they are stupid. STOOPID!!

        I hear they BUY hats in tf2 also. :rollseyes:

      Depends on how Generic you like your character to look, I suppose. Though, spending anything more than spare change isnt wise...

    Hahaha, that's brilliant! Though they have already pointed fun @ themselves over this multiple times in the gaming media. Probably didn't wanna over so it?


    That joke just doesnt cut it anymore (unless you say it to Todd Howard directly)

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