Skyrim Goes Hipstamatic

We have certainly seen a lot of different kinds of posts about Skyrim over the past couple of weeks. We've got jokes and memes, fan fiction and fan art, and one billion YouTube videos, from the impressive to the disturbing.

But it ain't a "thing" until some iPhone-toting hipster has posted a bunch of fake-retro photos of it to his or her Tumblr. Fortunately, Hipstamatic Skyrim has that angle covered, with a regularly updated gallery of faux-vintage, oversaturated and vignette-d screenshots of Skyrim, its populace, and its vistas.

The quality is a bit all over the place, but some of these are actually quite nice. I wonder where all of Skyrim's hipsters hang out -- what is the "Mission" or "Williamsburg" of Skyrim? Probably Riften.

Hipstamatic Skyrim [Tumblr]


    If they hung out in Riften all they're iProducts would get stolen.

      sorry their*

    did anyone else read the title as "Skyrim goes Hispanic"? I was expected to see ponchos and sombreros :(


    I'm just reading you two making grammatical errors. oh...what? ;-)


    Since when do Mac gamers exist?

    Oh thats the new age word for Old and Outdated isn't it....

    i haven't been paying attention and i don't know any hipster cliche's besides moustaches and bad fasion sense, so.... this article... i do not care

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