Skyrim: Now With (More) Bears

The problem isn't so much that Skyrim doesn't have enough bears. Lord, no. In fact, sometimes it feels like the game is bears all the way down. No, the problem is that the game does have spiders. Big ones.

In fact, one of the first encounters you'll have is a big ol' room full of spiders. They're all shambly and skittery, and they jump into your face with their big weird legs and eyes, and they're basically totally gross.

Now, this might not seem like a big deal to some, but to others, it truly is. We can joke about arachnophobia, but it's more than just a bad/good '90s movie — some people are truly, debilitatingly afraid of spiders.

I can only imagine how playing those sections would be for an arachnophobe — it'd possibly make the game unplayable! Fortunately, there is already a mod that replaces the spiders in the game.

OK... so it replaces them with bears. Which is a little bit of a "Frying Pan to Fire" situation if you ask me, but at least fighting bears isn't as squirm-inducing as ramming your shield into slimy maw of a half-ton tarantula.

Of course, this mod might be a problem for anyone with Ursaphobia…

Skyrim: No Spiders Mod [Skyrim Nexus]


    Who will be the first to mod all the bears into pedobears?

    This site gives me bad deja-vu.

    Awesome job by the US.

    I suffer from a fear of spiders and I haven't had too much of an issue with the ones in Skyrim. There was one instance where one jumped at me from a blind spot and a I squealed. But other than that it's been fine, I find fire helps. Dark Messiah was the only game that I quit because of the spiders.

    Internet > Kotaku > ... Kotaku?

      Internet > Kotaku AU > Kotaku US.

        Specifically > Kotaku AU > Kotaku US,
        im pretty sure ive seen like 50% of the articles on kotaku, on GI's site, usually a day after..

    I also have a major fear of Spiders. I won't lie, the sound/sight of the large Frostbite Spiders in Skyrim scares the shit outta me. It is actually pretty hard for me to get in close to them for that reason, so I use sneak and archery to get around them.

    The mod is glitchy though. Stills uses the spiders movements with a bear "skin".
    Best they can do till the creation kit comes out

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