Skyrim Patch Will Address Bugs And Performance Issues

Skyrim Patch Will Address Bugs And Performance Issues

Being that they’re typically set in huge expansive worlds, I’d imagine that Bethesda’s games are an absolute nightmare when it comes to Quality Assurance. In my short time playing Skyrim I haven’t noticed any bugs, but others have — rest easy. Bethesda’s Pete Hines has just tweeted that an initial patch is incoming, and it may fix some of the game’s early issues.

“[W]e are continuing to work on an update for all platforms to address issues any bugs and perf issues we can,” tweeted Hines.

Hines couldn’t confirm precisely what bugs and performance issues the patch would address, but one may be the streaming textures issue on installed 360 copies; another might be frame rate issues with the PS3 version.

Bethesda weren’t able to provide a deadline of final date for the patch.

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  • this has been the first elder scrolls game that hasnt been a complete bugfest on PC. after the shitload of bugs in oblivion and fallout 3 and New Vegas, i remember hearing that BSG actually went and increased their QA team from 3 to an actual QA Section

    • Assuming you don’t count the entire UI as a Bug.

      In an aim for prettyness, they have made doing most thing’s a drawn out process with more user commands then necessary

      For instance there is no screen the quickly tell’s you what your wearing(or what it looks like) No screen that tells you the values of all your attributes. And hidden away deep in a sub menu is the menu which tells you if your poisoned or diseased or how long your spell has left.

      All of this while most screen’s have about 80% of which is just a picture of an item and a sentence about it.

      This from the forum’s makes a good point

      And the thing is using a console controller doesn’t actually fix the problem since it’s still the same amount of user interaction’s on PC or console

      • It’s not The Fashion Scrolls. If you’re so concerned about how a piece of armour looks on your avatar in what’s designed as a First Person game, then I’m sorry – you’re beyond my help. All that should matter is that you’re either wearing best in slot (hey, they made a little triangle icon next to the stuff that’s best-in-slot for your current inventory) or sticking with wearing the only the same “set” of armour at a given time (hey, they list everything alphabetically)

        Sure, the points you raise a re valid opinions of the game’s presentation – you’re entitled to have your opinion (even if I think it’s wrong). However, the UI is not a bug, no matter how you slice it.

        If you really need to see how the pretty the armour will look on your character I’d suggest you go back to WoW – you’ve got plenty of time to get Deathwing on farm status before Pandaria introduces a whole new armour sets.

        • Really – your going to tell someone off for playing the elder scrolls wrong? If he wants to worry how his character looks, thats a perfectly valud way to spend their time.

          • I don’t actually care how someone else plays the game, but the UI isn’t a bug – that’s saying the developer’s didn’t finish making the game because the HUD isn’t laid out how *I* want it to look.

            FWIW, I can get to whatever information I want in Skyrim through 3 menu interactions.

            I mean, damn I hate this game! You character doesn’t die if you stop eating and drinking and all the menus are in gorram alphabetical order! I’m boycotting it until someone releases a Dewey Decimal System mod – since everyone knows the devs aren’t ever going to put it in.

          • I dunno dude, I work in UX (or rather do research), and the menus are point blank terrible. They break almost every convention I can think of, and believe it, alphabetizing is a terrible way to structure menus – its a last resort when you don’t have sufficient space for sub menus.

        • I’d say it’s incredibly important to be able to see what your character looks like. The idea is that you build the character that you want to play. If you have no regard for the idea that you’re actually playing a PERSON, then it just becomes a stat juggling exercise, equipping the best ‘numbers’, not the best armour.
          If you’re going to play that way, then what’s the point of having a character at all? You may as well play a tabletop game, where your character is just a list of numbers.
          When you play on PC the UI is incredibly clunky, and that linked image hits the nail right on the head.

          • Except you can’t actually use the Skills screen with only 3 menu interaction’s you have to cycle through every skill to find the one you want.

            which if you haven’t memorized the order you don’t know if right or left is the optimal way to go. And then the perk system is in the stupid constellation system which doesn’t really make it easy to see what each point does without manually manouvering to it.

            It’s a nice looking system, the issue is that the balance between functionality and form isn’t right.

        • Its not about knowing what your character looks like. I know someone who went around for 2 hours without any clothes on because the game doesn’t provide an easy way to even tell what you have equipped

          • Hahaha, this keeps happening to me. The funniest part is when you find out in a non-battle circumstance.

            “You’ll get cold running around like that.”
            “Wait, what? Oh shit!”

        • if its designed as an First Person game then why do they have the Third Person view… IMO the third person view is so much better and im playing the whole game this way.

          • Third person is terrible for ranged attacks. It screws up crosshair alignment. Same thing happened in Oblivion.

        • I would just like to say the hotkeys (1-9) are not suited for dual wielding either, so I can’t fast switch dual setups but I can for single weapons and spells. If it’s because I haven’t figured it out, it’d be nice to know.

      • You’ve nailed this pretty much on the head and that graphic does a very good job of explaining it. To everyone who says to deal with it (click in the right stick or whatever to see yourself) you shouldn’t have to, it should already be part of the interface. But that’s not even my real gripe with it, it’s the tedium of accessing information and the general disorganised manner of the interface. It’s by no means the worst interface I’ve used, oh no, but it is an example of a poorly designed and executed interface. Especially when you compare it with other Elder Scrolls interfaces.

        • Call me crazy, but not seeing an avatar of yourself on your in-game field of vision helps the immersion. It’s more like I’m going through a backpack or whatever, as opposed to some otherworld dimension imposing a paperdoll into my adventures.

          • Yeah well thAts fine but why not have somewhere that actually says what’s equipped they should at least be at the top even if you can’t see your character. Since when is the stuff you wearing also in the backpack your carrying(using your example)

            I don’t really care about being able to see my character Third person mode aids that.

            That doesn’t excuse the fact that alot of information that should be at your fingertips is buried in sub menus

          • Are you a Bethesda employee who happened to work on the UI? Because outside of that no one in their right mind would defend that thing. It is atrociously designed and follows almost all textbook examples of what NOT to do with a UI.

        • I agree. I’ve noticed this so far:

          The interface is dicky. Why do I have to press start to access the quest menu? Why isn’t this accessible from the other menu where you level up etc. It’s just confusing and plaing SHIT.

          Why is the third person view (on the PS3) so close to my character that I can’t see his legs? All I see is his back taking up half the screen. It’s bloody annoying.

          I also agree with the comment above that there is no way to see what effects you are under and how long an effect has left. When I turn into a werewolf I have no idea how long it has left so I just sit there waiting for it to wear off.

          The interface is defintely half baked. But I’m guessing they dropped this and focused on the expansive world. I’d like a patch to resolve some of these issues.

          • To zoom your 3rd person view out or in, click and hold right thumbstick in, and move your left thumbstick up or down respectively.

            You’re welcome πŸ™‚

      • This is what happens when you design a game for consoles instead of the PC. The UI is buggy as hell if you try to use it with a mouse, with many clicks near the bottom of the screen resulting in closing the menu, or scrolling skipping parts of it. Works fine if you scroll through it with the buttons as you would using a gamepad tho.

        If they were going to do a multiplatform game they should at least have made sure it worked cleanly on ALL the systems rather than just going “okay, this works, now lets simulate the same action on here, okay, that works, never mind the other ways the system can do it…”

  • Again my purchasing a game from OzGameShop has proven a wise choice: by the time it gets here there should be a patch! Mind you bugs or no I bloody wish I had it nao.

  • I keep coming across NPCs that are facing the wrong way when interacting with the environment. Such as a guy sitting in mid-air, facing a chair or another one chopping wood in mid-air. I wonder if these things will be fixed.

  • From a computer technicians point of view your games screwing up might have something to do with the shit tonnes of Viruses, Malware and Spyware that is probably raping your Windows install. Reinstalled Windows specifically for Skyrim, it is all that is on there, and I haven’t had a single bug.

    But I’m probably just a douche telling people stuff they already know, or I’m wrong

  • Hopefully this will address the random crashes to desktop (with no error) a large portion of the community is getting (on PC)

    • That drove me mad when I played Morrowind. I don’t recall it happening on Oblivion but I never did play Oblivion as much as Morrowind.

  • So far i have seen the odd dragon fly through mountains, then spiral downwards underground …. and my friend has found NPC’s doing ‘limbo’ with their chairs.

        • Bathesda were doing that before even then.

          My brothers and I used call Morrowind ‘Sorrowind’ because the timing of some bugs.

          Like I beat a boss and it crashed to the desktop before I could hit quicksave. And I had spent an hour doing so.

        • I’d actually argue Obsidian are defined by the fact that they keep getting forced to release when they aren’t actually done.

          KotoR 2 only had issue’s because they essentially told them to stop working and ship it which is why a bunch of content near the end game was cut.

          Fallout New Vegas i would say they can’t be held responsible for half of those bugs.

          Because most of them were present in both Fallout 3 and Oblivion. Both of which bethesda created. It’s Bethesda’s engine which keeps having bugs.

          Not to mention Dungeon Siege 3 was pretty much bug free from all account’s

          • Gamebryo wasn’t Bethesda’s engine… they licenced it off someone else, and how many times was Aplha Protocol pushed back?

            Surely the dates are agreed at the start of the development process, and if they keep getting moved forward… then maybe they need to change publishers.

  • a Bethesda game with a crappy PS3 framerate. what’s new? All the new Vegas dlc are virtually unplayable when the framerate drops to a frame every four seconds, you’d think they’d know how to program on a five year old machine by now. other developers don’t have these issues.

    • The PS3 is very different and requires knowledge of distributed computing to take full advantage of. That is where I think the problems come from.

  • Hopefully they can tune up the performance on the PC version, the game certainly doesn’t run anywhere as near as well as it probably should considering it’s over all appearance (certainly not the most technologically advanced game graphically).

    It’s not a huge problem if you have a beefy PC but there are spots in a lot of the towns where a more modest GTX 560 Ti rig can’t hold 30 frames, left alone a nice smooth 60 as one would expect from a game with this level of detail.

  • Funny how they said initially PC development was a headache. Karma?

    Loving the game on PC so far without any bugs *knock on wood*

  • Really? Might be a card specific bug. Im playing on a newish, but not gaming, laptop on ultra and it hasnt dipped.

    Anyway, its not a bug perse, but I hope they fix follower behaviour. Mine keep getting lost un dungeons.

    Only really encountered one bug: during a dragon fight I crashed to desktop. Really sudden with no dip in frame rate or freezing. Never seen it happen so wqick.

  • Geometry is definitely an issue for me on PC but compared to New Vegas at launch it 99% of the way there for me. Great stuff.

  • The only issue I have had (PS3) is the sudden corruption of my save file at 45hrs of game play. On the good side though I get to do it all again but different….ish.

    Best game I ever played.

  • I’ve had the mill owner is Riverwood vanish completely… I want to hand in my wood and make some money dammit, I’ve got houses to buy.

  • Im running this on PC, have not had any bugs as such, but my framerate dips significantly if I climb up a mountain and look out over the landscape. Im running a GTX 570 so I would not have thought this would be an issue… hopefully an upcoming patch adresses performance issues like these.

    • I’m running a GTX 560 and my framerate never drops below 40, no matter what I’m doing. Most of the time I have high 50’s to constant 60’s framerate, isn’t your card better than mine though?

      • Could be that he is on Ultra and your only on High though.

        My suggestion would be try tinkering with the shadows and reflection’s option’s. Generally these were what screwed peoples frame rates in Fallout:NV

        I’m running dual GTX275’s with stock setting’s. And i get 47-60 on high, Though dropping it down to a single card i avg 32.

  • at times, it really bugs me that I don’t have my 360 connected so I can get this patch.. then again, I’ve not been running into any issues on mine so it’s all good. πŸ™‚

  • I learnt my lesson with oblivion and fallout 3 to never buy a bestheda game on release. They don’t beta test, they wait for you to buy it and beta test for them. Then around 2 weeks later release a patch.

  • I really hope this fix addresses a LOT of bugs. I never thought I would say this but my experience has been dampened by the amount of bugs I have encountered already.
    Let me know if you have experienced any of these

    -Lydia has disapeared. No she did not die on my watch. I dismissed her, and she never made it back. And if she was killed of screen while walking back from whereever I still consider that a bug. I want Lydia back damnit! As a mage I could have used her as a meat shield, plus it ruins the whole Thane roleplaying experience.

    -My horse disapeared. Again, no it didnt die. It just stopped showing up.

    – My face/head disapears and reappears at random This started happening once I received the morekei mask from the college of winterhold quests. Its really annoying and breaks the atmopsphere quite a bit.

    -The College of Winterhold gets attacked by a dragon pretty much every time I fast travel there.

    -Load times are getting progressively longer the more I play the game. Its noticeably longer then it was at the beginning

    – Maurice from the temple quest to retrieve the.sapling disappeared and so I wasnt able to finish the quest in the best way possible.

    As I have a PS3 (my PC wont be able to run it unfortunately), so I am not able to use console commands to restore NPC’s. So I just have to suck it up which isnt really fair.

    All in all, I really hope they fix these bugs as I LOVE everything else about this game. And aside from these annoying bugs, this game is set to be one of my all time fav gaming experiences. Lets hope they can do it soon before it is tarnished anymore..

    • The longer load times are probably not a bug. Objects/dead NPCs/etc are persistent in Skyrim. The more you do in the game, the larger your save file gets, the more things it needs to load and initialise when you enter an area.

  • For me, one of the scariest bugs is one where you are riding through some marchland…when you suddenly no longer have any control of your movements..and you are still riding. I got lucky that time not actually running into anything big and overpowering-ly scary, but I was literally having a panic attack the whole time though. I think it’s only because of the camera angle I had it at…but it certainly was not due to game lag or anything.

  • I just hope that the bugs they fix are game destroying bugs and not things that “accidentally” made it to release which actually benefit the idea of an artificial ecosystem.

  • I don’t care. I’m having too much fun enjoying Skyrim for what it’s is rather then what it’s not.

    How can you complain when you can kill dragons, run around town naked and place baskets on peoples heads?

  • Yesterday I was cruising along, saw two mammoths and a giant about 50 meters away… all of a sudden one of the mammoths shoots into the air like a rocket and comes crashing down and dies… I laughed my fucking ass off, looted it and carried on my merry way.

  • Alt-Tabbing never works with me and this game, if you go out then go back in, it’s just a black screen with NUTHIN!

  • I just installed last night on my laptop and immediately had issues with the mouse sensitivity option. I ramped it up to about halfway and got back into the game and I was turning comfortably with my mouse, but the instant I tried to look down to loot a dead Imperial I realized that the vertical sensitivity was completely unchanged.

    After some googling I found the right line to add to the .ini file and it works like a charm now, but that seems kind of absurd just to get the mouse to work right πŸ˜›

    Other than that no problems so far, but I didn’t get to play very long either.

  • Any one else get the irony of a tweet about fixing bugs having numerous spelling and grammatical errors in it.

    • Yeah for the love of god…i wish everyone would learn the difference between – “their” and “they’re” – it’s not the same! Same with “its” and “it’s” lol.

  • only bug I’ve had so far is when I used my ice shout on a sabretooth it went flying into the air and flew around eraticaly for about 5 minutes then got stuck on the roof of a nearby house, was hilarious

    • LOL – that is hilarious. First time a giant killed me with 1 hit (not the last tho) and I went flying god knows how high that was so damn funny.

  • Great game loving but like many have pointed out they built a UI for consoles and let PC gamers deal with its console like simplicity.

    I’m not going to whine about the UI because the game is still awesome – but obviously it’s a shame they couldn’t have given the PC game a more keyboard/mouse driven UI and some traditional RPG elements like having the avatar/inventory/stat/skill screen for example.

    The good news is that i’m sure a mod is being worked on as we speak.

  • for the quest call the house of horror the door keep lock and i stuck in the house . I need a patch for it because I don’t want to start again.

    fix it quick please

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