Skyrim Sales Estimated At 3.4 Million In Two Days

Skyrim Sales Estimated At 3.4 Million In Two Days

We’ve contacted Bethesda locally, and they’re currently looking to confirm, but VGChartz, which usually works off a small retail sample in order to estimate sales, believes that in its first two days of release, Skyrim sold roughly 3.4 million units.

It’s not clear whether that number represents the amount shipped to retail or the number sold but, regardless, that is a huge number and one that beats its predecessor Oblivion by an incredible 600% — and those numbers exclude copies of the game bought digitally.

According to VGChartz the vast majority of those buying at retail bought the game on 360. The breakdown was 59% on 360, with 27% on the PS3, and 14% on PC.

Bethesda very rarely releases official sales figures, but we’re guessing with Skyrim it might be willing to make an exception considering the massive success its had during the launch period. Only Modern Warfare 3 has shifted this amount of units this year and, in a holiday period packed with AAA titles, that’s a huge achievement.

If we get official word we’ll let you know.

Skyrim Sales Exceed 3.4 Million Units in Two Days [vgchartz]


  • I hope everyone’s PC copies are better than my housemates- his fails to trigger something in the opening cutscene so he can’t progress!

  • So I’ve never played an Elder Scrolls game, I’ve had zero interest in Skyrim, but now that it’s out and people are raving about it I’d love to try it… but I’m still not convinced the gameplay is going to appeal to me as I wasn’t a big fan of Fallout 3, I felt the game just moved too slowly and the combat was boring, especially when using VATS.

    Should I:
    A) Buy Skyrim
    B) Wait for the inevitable GOTY edition with all DLC (preferable)
    C) Buy Oblivion and see if I like that
    D) Wait for Skyrim demo
    E) See if I can get some nice redditor to gift me a copy

    • No VATS in Oblivion and I’m pretty sure it’s not in Skyrim either.

      Wait for a Steam sale to get Oblivion GoTY edition. You should get it for less than $20 then. I suspect it will be on sale for the Thanksgiving Sale.

          • I completely disagree. I could never really get into Morrowind, but I loved Oblivion and am loving Skyrim. And Morrowind is pretty dated now. Personally, I’d advise grabbing Oblivion GotY edition and trying that, and if you like it buy Skyrim. Or just grab Skyrim. Don’t play Morrowind until you really are dying for more Elder Scrolls after playing those two.

    • They dont really “Follow on” so you dont need to play the previous…

      ‘Acquire’ a copy and see if you like it, then buy it… UNless u want to wait for the GOTY edition…

      But dont try ur Oblivion option… It might scare u from future Elder Scrolls games…

    • Oblivion was the first Bethesda game I played and I loved it. So I’d say pick it up (since it’s cheap these days) and give it a go. If you like it then you can easily play it for a year or so like I did, and by the time you’re sick of it then you should be able to get Skyrim GOTY edition. If you don’t like it then you probably won’t like Skyrim either, so you’ll at least have saved yourself a few bucks.

      I’ll definitely be getting Skyrim, but I’ll be waiting for the GOTY edition.

    • Was in the same boat. People were raving about it before it came out (I had no interest in it, let alone know about it), so I went and got it. And no, it doesn’t disappoint, so A.

    • Well, isn’t it funny the way life works… Oblivion is 75% off today on Steam, so I’ll be picking that up for $5!

  • hnnngh Still awaiting my delivery.

    I haven’t gone looking for mods yet, to avoid spoilers, but if they are as wide spread as Oblivions were then I may be in trouble with the amount of time I’ll sink into it.

  • Sweet holy crap…. That’s like HALF of the copies of Space Marine bought due to my EXCELLENT spruking of the title – that’s most impressive!

  • Glad to hear that it’s done so well. Here’s hoping more devs/publishers take note of it’s finer design and gameplay points. Also that the Norse-influenced setting can be seen as a successful theme, if done well. I’d love me some more (quality) Viking influenced games!

      • Yeah there is one, its called Two Worlds 2. OK not as polished as Skyrim but have a look at their game design, fully featured single player and multi/co-op components. Village mode is a great idea for an RPG. Bethesda should take a look.

  • Looks like that street date break really hurt Bethesda.

    All we can do now is hope they don’t get shut down due to funding costs. For Shame EB and JB Hi-Fi, for shame

    • Street date breaks aren’t about hurting publishers. It’s about damaging the competition. Especially if they had a midnight launch planned with costumes, food, etc.

      • THIS!
        without retailers having a solid date for when they are going to release events will stop happening. then everyone will complain, and it isnt IMO gamers fault as its other retailers breaking the date.
        so in conclusion, throw stones at street date breakers.

        • meh… we don’t get midnight lauches in WA so street date breaks ftw! When the date does break its practically midnight over east anyway, we are that far behind 😛

  • and the game isnt even unlocked yet in japan or korea as far as im aware..both of those countries are were the popular PC modders live too

  • thats excellent news, it really does deserve this kind of reception because its just amazing! and its freaking MASSIVE! completing in under 50 hrs is just not possible

  • They don’t have my money.

    From Australia? Pay $90USD for opening an account in the wrong country.
    Live in Japan? Still pay the Australia price, but you can wait until December 8th to play it because you live in the wrong country.

    I’m usually all in love with Steam but this has happened to me 3 times in 3 months. Dead Island, Deus Ex: HR and now Skyrim. Fuck that.

    My money. You. Can’t. Has. Not yours.

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