Skyrim Sales Estimated At 3.4 Million In Two Days

We’ve contacted Bethesda locally, and they’re currently looking to confirm, but VGChartz, which usually works off a small retail sample in order to estimate sales, believes that in its first two days of release, Skyrim sold roughly 3.4 million units.

It’s not clear whether that number represents the amount shipped to retail or the number sold but, regardless, that is a huge number and one that beats its predecessor Oblivion by an incredible 600% — and those numbers exclude copies of the game bought digitally.

According to VGChartz the vast majority of those buying at retail bought the game on 360. The breakdown was 59% on 360, with 27% on the PS3, and 14% on PC.

Bethesda very rarely releases official sales figures, but we’re guessing with Skyrim it might be willing to make an exception considering the massive success its had during the launch period. Only Modern Warfare 3 has shifted this amount of units this year and, in a holiday period packed with AAA titles, that’s a huge achievement.

If we get official word we’ll let you know.

Skyrim Sales Exceed 3.4 Million Units in Two Days [vgchartz]


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