A Somewhat Awesome Skyrim Video

From the same two guys that brought us a certain live-action Battlefield 3 video featuring "Fearless CPU player who loves running down dark corridors" and "Sitting-down terrorist with no peripheral vision" comes this Skyrim-themed short film.

The aforementioned guys are Rob Hardy and Jarrad Cody of Adelaide. The Skyrim clip is more dramatic than the Battlefield 3 one, however, it does feature a crossbow-wielding guy that I can only describe as a poor man's Samwise Gamgee.

Personally, I preferred the first clip to this one, but it's still very well produced considering it was probably made on a minuscule budget -- the Battlefield 3 one was done on $400.

Somewhat Skyrim [YouTube, thanks Tracey!]


    I got bored.

    I like the part where the guy was indifferent about a dragon flying overhead but super happy when grabbing his crossbow.

    love the fat guys 100% real hair

    Are live action trailers for games the in thing now?

    Incredibly LAME

    Cut these guys a break, ay?

    I think it is awesome, considering the budget they had. It's not as though they have an entire production team behind them to make it all fancy and pretty. It's literally two guys doing the work.

      Then why do some Hollywood movies suck, they have an entire production team using after affects to create fog/mist and fake blood spurts.

      It was boring

        I'm sorry, but was that a question or a statement?


      Hi Dan,
      Matt is right it is just the 2 of us doing the work. We get to friends to join us to fill out numbers in the video and sometimes hold the camera. All the other stuff, costumes, location scouting, editing and effects is only split between 2 people during the course of a week. Thanks for watching :)

    I watch these guys stuff all the time they're awesome. It's always rob and jarrad and that other guy is in sum of their specials. Friggen sweet I thought.

    the $400 was spent on costumes.

    The sound effects are all royalty free, the mist effect was a static watermark, and im certain the dragon was a gif.

    Sorry that's not an awesome video... HOWEVER... THIS ONE IS!!!


    I LOVE SKYRIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    LOVE THESE GUYS! If you don't like their work, stop watching their films and move on...simple!


    I don't know what video you others watched but that one was definately awesome, toatlly more awesome then all of your skyrim videos! Kudos to you guys keep making more, incredibly talented!

    Have to agree. Was pretty boring. Even if they had a massive budget for vfx it still would have been dull. Also it's barely a skyrim trailer. Sure the costumes might have fit the setting of skyrim but that's about it. Nothing really iconic of skyrim other than the dragon that played no important part.

      Hi Rob, thats why we called it 'Somewhat' Skyrim. Plus we worked to the budget we had, if we had a bigger budget it would have been 100% different. Thanks for watching though :)

    Some people don't understand artistic simplicity. All everyone wants now days is explosions and "epic" fight scenes, if that is something you want go and watch Transformers, the fact is, this was not boring nor lame. Ever hear the phrase if you have nothing nice to say don't say anything at all? The whole article was a smear campaign against them when in actuality Somewhat Awesome Films do the work of a entire crew in a matter of days and produce quality pieces of film making.

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