Skyrim’s Easiest Levelling Exploit

Skyrim’s Easiest Levelling Exploit
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The thing I always liked about the Morrowind games was trying to figure out ways to “break the game”, and while you no longer can jump over and over again to level your character, I did find a funny exploit. You can level up your character (not to mention your one-handed attack) the moment you get your first sword, simply by attacking your guide over and over again.

The video above explains all.

[Thanks Chris Stevens!]


        • There’s a difference between grinding and progression. Grinding is when you’re doing the same little thing over and over again just to get something through. Progression is when you’re doing something and earning stuff you can use along the way.

          In Oblivion, it was easy to grind Illusion by casting the same level 1 light spell over and over again since your MP will regenerate faster then you can cast it. In Skyrim, smithing levels up and gives you access to better equipment so that you’ll work your way up through the ranks. Even then you’ll still need to unlock them with general level up perks.

          • Elder ScrollsV is highly bugged. i have had to start from scratch several times because of game crashes or some ridiculous issue out of my hand. Right now i have one last PStrophy to collect to have ALL of them (Legend- Skyrim Legendary Edition: Dawnguard) so for me, its easier to grind than play the entire game out properly just for one trophy which i may not end up getting because the game bugged out on me… again!!!!

            ALL game players should not ever grind unless as a last resort or just for the fun of it (to create super-characters, but that too.. after at least playing the game properly at least once). Play the game as it was intended. i am grinding in this case for a trophy (and nothing else) after playing the game properly.

      • Good points N-K except Dark Souls is designed so that you come online and read about glitch-like tricks which the designers actually built into the game. Drake sword anyone? Also, Darkroot Garden and the bonfire there? Good game though.

      • But this will only max out one skill. You won’t make it to level 50 on that basis and you’ll have no armour skill against scaled enemies.

    • It can die. I once tried to climb up a really rocky mountain in it’s back and we both fell right down to the bottom. It died. Or are you saying that it respawns? Coz that would make sense…. I didn’t find out because I reloaded, freaking love that horse.

  • You can also get to smithing 100 really easy by buying all the iron ingots and leather strips in game and then making ~1000 Iron Daggers.

    • Yep its what i did and also for enchanting use those iron daggers and add paralize to it which increases the price of the daggers to about 200+ gold per dagger depending on speech of course 😀

  • There’s also a similar exploit to get to 100 speechcraft by persuading the guy in the black-briar meadery in Riften to tell you about Maven Black-Briar over and over.

    I did this a few times to get a few points in speechcraft then realised it was going to ruin my experience.

  • I found a fire trap in a dungeon somewhere and gained some quick restoration levels by standing on it and casting fast heal, my mana was going up quicker than my health was going down, I could have done it all day.

  • Mudcrabs. They are my sparring partners.

    Sometimes I like to let them whale on me while I sometimes block and sometimes heal.

    Then I usually eat their chitin.

  • “The thing I always liked about the Morrowind games was trying to figure out ways to break the game”

    You liked looking for exploits instead of playing the game?

  • It’s just like in Oblivion where I would level myself up by running around jumping while casting conjure helmet and restore health on myself constantly.

  • The title is missleading, it is not the easiest way to level up because you have to constantly press the attack button.

    The easiest way is also in the same area, when you have to sneak past the bear face your character into a corner while sneaking and press c (for console you will need to use a rubber band to hold the movement stick up.)

    You can then just leave the game running and go do something else while you sneak skill slowly maxes out.

  • How is this worth an article on Kotaku?

    Also I really love skyrim and TES but posting an article like this is almost like posting for the sake of it! Skyrim is amazing! We know! But i dont need EVERY little thing about it spoiled. I guess I just shouldnt read the article but then again that is why I come to Kotaku AU and not other gaming news websites, purely because I expect a higher standard.

    • Because it’s something game-related/news? If you don’t want to be “spoiled” – even though this isn’t really a spoiler and you can easily read it and then not do it in game and it won’t spoil the experience – then don’t act on the information? Either that or don’t click on it in the first place, especially when the title is “Skyrim’s Easiest Levelling Exploit”.

      • I guess my gripe was more with the quality of the article? I realise this is not really a spoiler and I can simply ignore it. I guess im just going nuts waiting for my copy and seeing every 2nd article on Kotaku being about Skyrim!

        But just to point out, the exploit is revealed in the introduction, you dont have to click on the article to read about it 🙂

  • Cheating is good for when you replay the game.. that’s why I like the PC version for all the console “hacks”.. the first time through, which could take possibly 100 hours to see everything, should be done without any cheats or hacks.. after that it turns into more of a clean canvas to try stuff out with.

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