Skyrim's Panoramas Are Giant Postcards From The North

The world of Skyrim is a rugged, often beautiful place. The kind of place you'd want to send a postcard from. "Wish you were here, getting killed by giants", that sort of thing.

These panoramas, spotted on Reddit, give enormous wrap-around shots of the landscape of the latest Elder Scrolls game, and while occasionally warped, still look amazing.

Skyrim Panoramas [Imgur]


    Kotaku is making it really, really hard not to run out and buy this right now.

    All in good time. *drools*

      Kotaku is making it really, really hard not to run out and throttle whoever at ozgameshop didn't send this out sooner :)


          Oh good, so I'm not the only one still waiting. I was starting to wonder if mine had just gotten lost somewhere

            I was hoping it'd be here before the weekend but now it had better be here by Monday.

        thats what happens when u buy online, at some point u will be force to wait ages for a game..i spent the 20 extra bucks and bought it from a shop, now i has 60 hours file. Worth it.

      I'm in the same boat. It's almost like Kotaku is rubbing salt in the wound. Seems like every second article is a timelapse or a collection of screenshots. It isn't of course, but it sure as hell feels that way.

    It's bad enough that I have an early start tomorrow and cannot play until the missus decides to go to bed.

    Even though I've played upwards of 20 hours on PS3, the urge to learn sleeper holds is no easier to resist.

    This game has sucked me right in. Brilliant beyond its faults.

    Some screenshots that do skyrim justice :)

    You guys have nothing on me. I got shipped out to NZ On Thursday evening for a nasty week of cutover. I brought my xbox with me so I can at least keep busy at night but somehow my copy of Skyrim arrived in the mail Friday morning.
    I could have been spending my nights in Skyrim instead of in NZ.

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