Skyrim's PS3 Version Patched. Apparently!

The PS3 version of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is buggy. Since launch, PS3 owners have been encountering difficulties that make the game not only slowdown, but unplayable. Today, Skyrim players are reporting a patch was released.

Some folks over at the Bethesda forums are reporting that it does indeed addresses PS3 lag issues, and according to a few, supposedly lowers in-game textures. That, however, is unconfirmed.

The patch seems to have hit Europe first, and other regions should follow.

Kotaku is following up with Bethesda to discern exactly what the update entails.

Patch Is Out! [Bethesda Softworks Forums via Europgamer via VG247]


    Australia got this yet or what? My game has been freezing a fair bit and i'm in need of a good patch to cool me down

    i have had to restart the game every hour or so. hope its available when i finish work or i may neck myself

    Downloading a 92MB update now (presumably this one, I haven't played this game since Zelda came out :P). My game has been pretty good with not crashing too often though, but the framerate ended up pretty terrible after extended playing.

    Can confirm I patched my PS3 version of Skyrim earlier this morning, it was about 90MB... didn't play it long enough after to notice any differences though.

    Patch has created a bug where I can't place or read bokks in my bookcase. To make things worse I only realised this after all of the books I put in the book case disappeared.......never to be seen again.

    hope this foxed the bug quest "transmuting the mundane(spelling not correct)"

    Updated last night and now after a couple hours play the freezing and lag is worse now than it's ever been. 50+ hours in.

    I downloaded the patch last night. The lag issue seems to be fixed for me, but now I'm getting a problem with dragons flying backwards at really fast speeds and never landing. Makes them impossible to kill as a full-melee character.

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