Snake? Snaaaake?!: Hideo Kojima Will Helm Metal Gear Solid 5

Hideo Kojima said that he might want to do something other than Metal Gear. He even enlisted the help of Kotaku readers to get him out of Solid Snake's shadow. But, instead, he's going to be doing more even more Tactical Espionage Action.

The famed Japanese developer is on the cover of Official PlayStation Magazine UK, and the upcoming issue will reportedly contain details about Metal Gear Solid 5 and the much-teased-about Project Ogre that Kojima's been tantalising gamers with. Apparently, Snake was supposed to die. But his long stealthy life will be going on.

We've reached out to Konami for confirmation on the existence of Metal Gear Solid 5 and will update when we hear back.

Historic issue 65 cover features Hideo Kojima [Official PlayStation Magazine UK, via Game Informer]


    I am absolutely unsurprised by this news, but consider it to be good news!

    Poor ol' Snake though, when will he get to rest??


    Please be true! I luv the Metal Gear series & its been long enough since MGS4. Im very intruged...

    Kojima-san doesn’t have to make Metal Gear any more.

    *Pulls out cardboard box*

    I expected to be blown away more by that news.
    I'm betting prequel, maybe Outer Heaven era.
    If it does something as good as Snake Eater I will be ALL OVER THAT SHIT.

      Surely it'd have to be. A post Guns of the Patriots game with Snake as the protagonist would probably be too far-fetched, even for the Metal Gear series.
      Plus the gameplay in Snake Eater was by far the best in the series and the jungle portion was the best part of Guns of the Patriots.

    I know nothing about this game, but I'm dying for it.

    I just want him to remake the first Metal Gear game, that'd make it all complete. It's the one game which is crucial to the canon that most people never got to play.

      Silicon Knights already did on the Gamecube! Twin Snakes - only $90+ on Ebay!

        O, you mean THE original Metal Gear on MSX

    So if MGS4 had like 12 hours of cut-scenes, I wonder how much #5 will have? ;)

      I'm rooting for an unpausable 8-hour ending!

      Awesome! Love Kojimas fusion of Anime/Sci-Fi and Real World ideals.

    Less cutscenes and change up the gameplay a little. In retrospect 4 didn't add a lot as per se. But what it did add was good. But less damn cut scenes!!!!!

    Kojima-san doesn’t have to make Metal Gear any more.

    I don't get why there's always people crying about the cutscenes. It's Metal Gear, they all have long cutscenes, you should be used to it. They're awesome anyway, so just stfu and enjoy them.

      i loved MGS4 but i felt there was many unnecessary cut-scenes in it. the egg cooking for example. also there was some conversations that went for too long without adding much.

        This describes all MGS games. Just sit back and enjoy!

          Spot On Shane, they all have pointless cutscenes but that's part of it. My favorite in MGS4 was probably wen the guard discovers Johnny 'relieving' himself inside the barrel, and later when he almost genocides the rest of his squad and snake. Ahhh japanese humor, it's so crazy mang.

            Don't get me wrong, I love the cut-scenes, but man some of the ones in MGS4 were excruciatingly long! So much so that I made pop-corn for the ending...

        Did you notice that the egg always broke into the pan in a different way?

          I did, but it was making a point that she was hopeless at cooking eggs. Probably has many subtle meanings but its been years since I refinished the game to remember...

    Snake will be sneaking around the nursing home trying to stop metal gear zimmer frame.

      I would totally play a stealth game set in a nursing home.

    Hopefully the amount of gameplay will exceed cutscenes this time round, MGS4 had so many good mechanics but it sucked to only use them for 10 mins to follow up with a 30 min cutscene and repeating

    tbh, after playing Deus Ex: Human Revolution, the stealth in this game is probably going to feel absolutely prehistoric :/

      Yeah, a game we know nothing about is totally going to be exactly like what you said

        that and deus ex basically borrows ALL of mgs' stealth gameplay (lovingly)


      DE: HR stealth isn't that great. Simply put even on the hardest in HR non-lethal take downs are permanent. In MGS4, a CQC take down on Big Boss difficulty means an enemy will stay stunned for 2 minutes at most? Even the traq gun only does a temporary take down. HR had stealth camo. MGS stealth camo is a reward for doing it the non-cloak way. If HR borrowed more MGS mechanics it would have been much much harder.

      As for MGS5? Please no-post MGS4. Snake's story is done and as far as things are concern Raiden is happy with a 'normal' body again. It's going to have to be big boss orientated. Hell make a game centered around the Boss!

    Looking at the tech demos they've shown for the FOX engine I'm gonna bet this won't be a Solid Snake game, but another Big Boss game. Or maybe just a 'younger' Solid.

    To me the most interesting storylines and characters are the ones surrounding Big Boss and how his life played out. My favorite parts of Metal Gear Solid 4 were all the ways it tied into Snake Eater and that era. I loved that stuff.

    Big Boss all the way, man. Just one last wonderful hurrah, and then Kojima, you should probably move on for your own sake.

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